How reliable is Buyee?

Hi guys, looking at buying some cards on Buyee. Is it legitimate? Does anybody have experience with them?

I used them about 2 weeks ago to buy a lot of plush toys and I think they’re pretty good!

I won the auction on 5th of February, they automatically took money from my PP - cost of the item + fees. Package arrived 5 days later at their warehouse and has been shipped to me next day (as I paid for shipping right a way) and a week later package arrived at my house.

Now they lowered their fees, you always have to pay 200 yen for bank transfer within Japan and then service fee (for me it was 211 yen for the auction I won at 4220 yen, so it’s only 5%).
I think you can store packages at their warehouse for 90 days so you can get them all shipped together (there’s 1000 yen fee for consolidate +3 packages, if you want to consolidate 2 pakcages only there’s 500 yen fee).

So the service itself is pretty good imo but when it comes to auctions then I think it’s more up to you to check if seller is reliable etc, you can always pay more for insurance plan - they’ll check if your items are ok and if not you’ll get your money back I guess, here’s the info about that -

Use them all the time, never once had a problem.

Is it true that there is no way to mark down the value of an item on Buyee any more?

In which case you might have to pay for customs charges too.

I think that only comes into affect here in Australia if the item value is greater than 1000 dollars.

Better make good use of that fact before things change 2017, right @milhouse @acebren ? :wink:

I wish I could dislike your post @nauticads


too right…

By then we will have our own middleman based in Japan to service our needs :wink:

Try £15 for the UK. I’m crying now just thinking about it :slightly_frowning_face:


Generally they’re very good, though I’m fairly confident they don’t check the time before sending it forward, as I always receive it wrapped in a small brown envelope (i.e. how the seller would post it to buyee) which is then posted inside a larger letter/envelop with EMS on.

What’s happening in 2017? I’m not familiar with current events.

…I have no words, only rage.

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You can thank big and incompetent government. Many countries are suffering with this problem.

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My, marked at 6700 yen package, has stuck on customs and I’ll have to pay additional 23% of it’s value. It’s really terrible. And also you have to wait about 1-2 weeks more for your package because of customs office - it’s great when you use EMS…

I think in most European countries you have to pay custom fees for every package that is marked at 22 euro or more.


Now the Australian ROI (Return on Investment) will be decreasing, allowing a more competitive market.
Now you will see the same upsetting customs slips that we have in Canada (and Europe). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for these customs, but now the market is becoming more fair for us to sell, because more people can’t sell as cheaply as they can, unless they want lower profits…

I can’t tell you the number of times wherein I had a parcel come in and BAM an additional chunk of customs charges. Regardless, I think that it might be good for the economy of Australia, else they wouldn’t implement it. Sure it frustrates you guys, but it might better off your country as an entirety.

I might be wrong, but I think USA is the only “powerhouse” TCG country that doesn’t have custom fees now…

I’m paying 70000 yen for a big package in april from AmiAmi, will I get a customs fee in Aus? If it’s still under 1000 dollars?

It’s funny you say that, as it’s the conservative government trying to pass this.

It’s also not the fault of the government, it’s just them listening to the cries of business. The only reason they want to bring the tax in is to stop people buying things online.

My question is what about the stuff you can only import, like Japanese cards??? Shits me.

Sorry to be a negative nelly but it wont.
All this is about (as usual) is the rich fucking over the poor to make them richer. The cost to manage this sort of system will be astronomical compared to the money it actually collects, we are an extremely low population when compared to america and others. This only benefits heavy political party supporters like Harvey Norman who to be honest is kidding himself if he thinks its gunna make any difference to his bottom line, all this is gunna do is piss off the public even more than they already are.

And IFFFF by some miracle it does bring in money, it will NOT be spent to benefit the people who paid it. It will go to expensive political ad campaigns, to funding 200-300k per year public servant pensions, to private helicopter rides from Melbourne to Geelong and ANYTHING else they can possibly waste it on to keep the country from being productive.

Edit: continue rant

These CEO’s of big business turning over billions of dollars a year whine like little kids that it just isn’t fair that they have to charge GST and online systems don’t.
I’m sorry but I refuse to feel sorry for big business people on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because there company is only making a couple billion a year. They see us in the general public as nothing but peasants who should feel privileged to have the opportunity to purchase their shit with a markup of infinite%. These people are all take and no give, same as politicians, I wonder what any of them would say if you suggested their heavies take a pay cut to help reduce costs and win business back?

Edit: continue rant again

Another problem is that Australians for the most part are pushovers when it comes to changes like these. We have the right to protest and whatever but it never gets to a point of the people FORCING the government to support their wants. We don’t take to the streets and topple statues or flip over police cars or anything like that. The best thing Australians could do to protest this is vote with their feet. A single day, a week, a month, a year of buying absolutely NOTHING other than what is essential for immediate survival. See how that effects their bottom line. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll repeat it here. Cost is only ONE reason why people shop online, it may be the main reason but it’s still one reason. Two other major reasons are the lack of half decent customer service, and finally availability.

If the 5 shoe and sports stores in my local business hub are too incompetent to carry a single pair of the shoes I need in my size. Well they can go and ___________________.