The Australian Dollar...

…is predicted to fall to about 60 US cents.


Hmm. I need to purchase your currency.

What’s causing the severe drops?

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Australian economy has been slow, and figures posted today/yeaterday suggest it is a lot slower than first thought. Mining is down 7% which is a pretty big drop. The Chinese Market has a lot of influence here as well, which has also had ab effect. And the US economy is doing pretty decently from what the reports I read say. So all those things together are a falling AUS dollar.



MORE POWER! $ :wink:


Fixed that for ya.


Stronger dollar = lower crude oil prices = bad for me

This is terrible. The glory days are over!

Misery loves company, eh?

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I buy most of my card from the USA. this will make it hard not to mention using PSA services. Oh well tough cookies!

Let’s put it more into perspective, I bought a booster box for 750 usd last week… 750!! It cost me $1064.59aud +$141.93aud in postage charges Wtf!!

If i bought two of those boxes I would get massive custom fees also. Plus the government is looking to tax all online purchases for Australians to pickup later down the track.

So we’re just paying 35% extra for everything than we did about a year ago.


Its Insane man!

Customs held one of My Rayquaza Gold Star Cards and sent me a notice saying i must pay the $300.00 AUD tax to have en route to my home again. Than turns out you cant deal with them directly! I had to pay another Courier service to act as a broker to get my card off of Customs which cost an additional $200.00 AUD. Cost me 500AUD to get my card which i already payed $1500USD for, and yes I payed that much for a PSA 10 Rayquaza Gold Star! what a night mare!!!


Well any mailers I send to our Australian collectors will be valued at 19.00usd whether it’s worth 50.00 or 5000.00.
I’ve always contended anything in the collectible category should be treated differently than new or retail items.

I feel bad for you guys:(

EDIT: I’m going to go one better. Any upccc Aussies who want something shipped to me, I’ll ship it on to you with adjusted value.
Just PM me for my address…



It’s pretty much over for us. Even if the dollar does recover, by the time it happens the new import laws/fees will be a large enough hurdle as it is. There just isn’t the market here to adequately sustain itself. If Aussies want to continue collecting their progress will likely be extremely slow and expensive.

It’s unfortunate but I suppose it’s just the way she goes.

Re read my edited post above.

Very generous of you Gary!
Going to be very interesting to see just how much damage the new laws are going to do.

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That is exceptionally generous of you mate =)


yup the aussie dollar is low, but all the good stuff is in america

cant do anything about it haha

and very nice of you gary


This has been genuinely worrying me for a while now. It’s getting to the point where it’s just not viable to collect here anymore and it’s quite upsetting.

It’s been fun boys. Should we all ride our kangaroos into the sunset with sad didgeridoo music playing softly in the background?