Notice for Australian Collectors

If you collect new English stuff then be prepared for a price rise if you buy your cards locally or from Australian ebay sellers. My local card shop told me he got an email from his supplier(Bandai I think) saying prices will be going up from November 1st.

Obviously because of the dollar ratios. But I wouldnt be surprised at a 10 or 15 dollar booster box rise.

Shout out to Australian collectors for being the truly persistent ones.

Y’all are in a crapshoot in terms of paying to collect right now and I feel for you.


:PMore good news

I don’t understand we already pay more for booster boxes? $90US versus $130-$140AUD lol. Have they no mercy!

Card shops cost price is going up so the increase gets passed onto consumers.

Because $35 collection boxes and tins just wasn’t enough. It’d be nice if TPCI/Nintendo could somehow see we’re paying a ludicrous amount for their cardboard and do something about it, like reducing stock cost to international retailers. I don’t know how they expect the hobby to survive.

The case for japanese exclusive collecting is getting stronger, boys.


@milhouse Is this increase worldwide or just aussieland?

I could say exactly same things about Finland ( sorry for little OT ). A year ago you could buy new sealed boxes for ~100 USD, as we speak cheapest one is 155 USD + shipping. Would be nice to support local card stores but they are making it so damn hard.


No idea, but I’d guess just Australia/New Zealand because of the poor dollar.

Quite scary ey…

I don’t know what to think anymore…


Yes, yes it is…

Australian dollar is shit against everything, it’s even down to 1:80 AUD:YEN


I wish this was only a problem with the US dollar. Instead this issue stems from poor political decisions by our in power government.

This shits me to tears…

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The CAD isn’t doing too well either…not as bad as the AUD, but still no bueno…


I would comment about how well my dollar is doing, but I don’t want to Jynx myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

@funmonkey54 please do ;_;. Anything I make is $0.75 to the US dollar right now! It’s at approximately $0.50 to the GBP.
So wanting the 150 GBP card will cost me around $240 USD or $300 CAD ;__;

What WOULD make the USD drop?


That Moron looks like a Yellow, Orange and Pink Sphincter…


Hmmm…$11,000,000,000.00 moron? I wish I was a moron like him;)

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