It has begun for Aussies...

This is a FYI for the vast amount of Aussies here and the overseas businesses on this page I guess as well.

As of July 1st, 2018, the previously proposed GST laws for imports will take effect.

As you can see from the email, Buyee has decided to put a straight 10% tax on every part of their service, except their domestic insurances.

That’s not the greatest of news, but at least we should be spared from the UK style system where you pay a processing fee as well.

Only time well tell how it all works though!

This suckssss

Rip … buy all the things now people

Atleast the GST will not apply to psa grading costs.

This sucks pokeballs.

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As I’ve said just ship your items to Somalia and get the pirates to transport it via boat :smirk:


Can’t wait to send so many efour people in the US paypal gifts to pay them back for $4500 pizza dinners.


Also, taxation is theft.



Is that the sign you need to find a new service provider? LOL

Well, I guess some could say that.

Not sure how happy the ATO would be that foreign companies are not compliant with their instructions for stuff they export to Aus, or even how much power the Australian Government has over foreign companies.

I’d assume if that battle was contested, the loser would be the Australians who purchased the goods.


What’s the bet I’m going to get a similar response from other stores?

Rip Australia

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Can’t we just do what all the europeans request and do already.

If you are buying from overseas, ask the seller to mark the item as a gift and low value. Maybe 80% of the time they will do so.

Many famous places do it already, like mandarake for instance, and some USA sellers. They will mark as gift and low value for packages overseas if requested.

It’s fairly common practice these days already, and Aus is just behind the whole world as always haha…


I’ve gotten several messages from Australia offering up front that if I mark gift they’ll take full responsibility if item doesn’t arrive. Sounds fair.

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Yeah, it seems fair like that. I know it’s a bit of a grey area, and technically not allowed. but it’s such a stupid tax.

And it really deters people from buying abroad. There is ways around it, with the customs declarations.

As far as I see it, I don’t like insurance, so we both lose that, but are still covered via PayPal at least. And I believe if you spend the time to package it very securely, and send with full tracking or express service. It is fairly safe. As long as your dealing with high feedback buyers as well.

I wouldnt do it for the low feedbackers under 30 or so.

Isn’t this a tax that sellers are required to apply to purchases and not something that will be added upon arriving in the country?

Just had a gander. Apparently if overseas want to sell here they have to go to a bit of effort.

Overseas vendors with Australian sales that are subject to GST of AUD75,000 or more per annum, must:

register with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

charge and collect GST on sales of low value imported goods to consumers (unless they are GST-free or sales of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products)

lodge returns with the ATO and make payments to them

ensure certain information is included in the customs documents for the goods.

Why the hell would any seller want to do this?

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Maybe, im not sure if they will charge a percentage on your eBay sale or sales online. I don’t see Aus being specially exclusive to the world that every overseas sale or transactions will immediately slap a 10% surcharge added.

Not enough ways to monitor this, people can easily change their eBay location / address as well, and ask to pm and send to a different address.

I guess we will wait and see exactly what happens next month.
But whatever the case, people will find ways around it as always.

Everything is so loosey goosey in Aus these days with Centrelink and tax. I think Aussies take for granted how lucky they are, and how many amazing benefits we can claim and get compared to most of the world already.

So why did you guys vote for this?