Possible tera type Charizard leak from Obsidian Flame

sort of, but they’re more limited than vmaxes were. for example, typically, there would only be one tera ex per set instead of with vmaxes, there would be maybe 2 or 3


Which Tera cards in particular? The regular, the full art, the gold?

I find the full art Tera cards to be a much better improvement over the regular Vmax cards. My biggest issue with Vmax cards is they seemed to blend together, especially when you have them side by side. The SWSH sets also suffered by having lots of them per set. It seems that SV sets in Japan get 1 Tera card, meaning English have around 2 or 3. SWSH Base had 4, Rebel Clash had 7, Darkness Ablaze 5, Vivid Voltage 6…you get the idea.

The simpler backgrounds really highlight the Pokémon featured. The texture (which I didn’t include) looks amazing. The tera crowns are somewhat divisive, but I don’t think it distracts majorly from the appeal of the card, and may even improve the art (Dedenne for instance).

I didnt feel the need to mention rainbows in this since they are no longer a thing. I can’t say im super impressed by the Charizard, but I would say its better than regular Vmax cards any day. The regular tera cards do feel a bit lackluster, but I still prefer those over the Vmax if im being honest.


Fair point. I suppose my comparison (at least for now) is a bit unfair, because we haven’t gotten an alt art Tera card yet.

However, I just don’t see how they can make a full art Tera look cool, because the Tera crowns look…too damn goofy.


Anyone else see the similarity?

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When the edible kicks in

No alternative art can save that thing. It feels like an overnight millionaire Charizard with a Lil Uzi Vert-esque diamond implanted on his head.


Art Rare Charmander ETB promos

new artist MINAMINAMI Take

They participated in the 2022 illustration contest



Lmao personally ugly Charizard.

Looks great! I really loved that Arcanine in the Illustration Contest, glad to see they were picked up to still do cards.

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Wait until the Tyranitar with a giant light bulb in his head leaks.

200W fast charging gojira

throwback to Dragon Frontiers’s Tyranitar ex


I love that Charmander art. They’ve really done something great with these alternate art rares in the recent sets


Damn I thought this was a HYOGONOSUKE art for sec. Excited there’s another Illustration artist hitting the big leagues now!



Love the PC ETB. I wonder if this Charmander AR is going to be in 151?


I think Obsidian Flames / Ruler of the Black Flames releases and SV3.5 / Pokémon 151 releases are separate, which has me looking forward to another one in 151

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Pretty excited for this set

Just saying, if a 2022 top 100 Illustration Contest artist is given a chance to draw for the tcg, then perhaps we’ll get to see more of whom we wanted to win get a card as well :pray:


mingo :pray:

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