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  • Having 1 copy of every English set card in every edition (normal, reverse, promo…)

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They showed up on a dutch bidding site. I got them quite cheap :blush:
A friend of me told me that in a shop not so far from me, they have a lot of these calendars. I think that I will take a look soon!

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A dream came true *__*

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Beautiful set! Did you grab a complete set on eBay?

I remember when I bought my complete mint shadowless set on eBay a few years back. I paid something like $80 for it, I’d say I did alright considering the current price of sets!

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Yes I got it from ebay, from someone in France.
I paid 101 euro, that’s about 130$.

I think that’s a good prize? I see most for ± 150$.

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Yeah that is not bad at all! Congrats :blush:

Probably soon new adition: Stadium Challenge Deoxys!
There is one for sale in my country!

Oh wow! Those are extraordinarily rare :blush: I hope you get it!

Yesterday was on of the best days in my life :grin:!
I and my brother went to the Belgian Nationals! I played in the Master section (31 players) and my brother as a Senior (7 players, so everybody got at least 18 boosters!).

First, every participant got:

  • 1 Espeon nationals promo
  • 1 Dice (with Belgian 2013 Nationals on it, SO ONLY ABOUT 60 ARE IN CIRCULATION! We have 2 of them!)
  • A pencil
  • Stickers

And everybody also got a lottery ticket, I won a Victinini hat and my brother a playmat (we used it already there :grin: ).

And now our places… I ended up very last from the masters (yay :grin: ) and my brother ended up 2nd! He only lost against 1 person, and that person has got now the free ticket to worlds… but that person also convinced us to participate in this tournament, so he deserved it :stuck_out_tongue: (and he won the ticket also last year).

Next year, that person will play in Master section, and my brother still in senior… so maybe then the ticket is for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We can only dream :stuck_out_tongue:

So I got 1 extra booster for my place and my brother for his 2nd place:
2 Booster Boxes & 1 Trophy.

Here is a picture of everything:


Wow, congrats to both of you! I would love a Pokemon trophy!

I can’t wait to go to US Nats and hoard as many Espeon promos as I possibly can in the short amount of time!

What a cool experience for your family.

Get me one!

If I get any extras, I’ll let you know. Been picking these things up in large quantities so that I can piece together sets and hopefully make some sort of profit on them.

If you need any Eevees, let me know. I have 14 on their way in the mail right now!

This is my deal of the year I guess, paid today it should arrive this week.

All this for 85 eur, shipping included.

(That last one is on T&T for ~75$ !)

And last, a set of worlds table numbers:

(So damn lucky that he only shipps to Belgium and I live there :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m so happy ;___;

You are so lucky for that deal! I wanna get a Belgian middle man if deals like that are frequent enough haha. Congrats on the awesome additions!

Thanks, and well… it doesn’t happen that very often :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe once a year :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT; Could someone give more info on the worlds table numbers?
How could you get them? (Stealing :stuck_out_tongue:?) How mutch are there you think?

Thanks already!

That’s a fantastic deal!! I have to watch the Belgium eBay more often :wink:
Congrats :grin:

abv150, thanks haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it already all in the mail, it also included a worlds 2004 hotel door key!

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And I’ve got these already for a while:

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(I know, second is blurry D: )

I’ve always considered collecting every sealed Pokemon booster/blister item, but I kinda realized that that will take a long time.

So I think I’ve got another very good ‘steal’?

(20 euro)

I see them here for $1000?! (Are they really worth that much? Anyone an idea of how many are made?)