Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration

My made to order canvas prints, the Straw Hat Eevee and the self portrait as a painter Smeargle have shipped and will arrive on Wednesday.

It has been a long time - I ordered before they took down the made to order prints, so I had been crossing my fingers I would get them by Christmas. My wife forgot about them completely until I reminded her.

The last email said there would be a “free gift” for the inconvenience - will update. I am expecting post cards or other left over stock from the exhibit. I think I’d be happy with anything extra and I missed out on all the merchandise and refuse to buy from scalpers.


A Comment on a Youtube Video about newer supply coming in. Bigger wave than anticipated.


Nice, hope the PSA 10 price can go close to $100.


I got my made to order prints today.

I chose the canvas option - look and feel are high quality. The color looks very deep, even the dark colors on the Eevee. I think canvas prints you get at ikea or target or whatever have such light colors, so these darker and deeper colors make the canvas look higher quality. Considering the small price difference, it feels good to appreciate the higher quality print.

The special gift was a post card set. One with each print. I suspected it would be the post card set, and I am pretty pleased with the gift(s). I really liked all of the artwork, and had such a hard time choosing which two to purchase. Getting two sets of the whole set was great!


I think now in the EU price are not perfect but are reasonable at around €50 ($55), if you take into account cost + time spent for reseller… much better pick than it was 3 months ago.

Still think the promo will converge closer to €30, especially for non sealed promos.

Regarding where the value is, clearly on the made to order frames or some merchandising, there are kind of unique , and can’t really be scalped (the frame).

So pokemon reacted well and understood the demand and provide the right supply to bring the price at collector level without “losing your shirt”.

Would you know if there is still stock in stores or are they all sold out already?

Also what are prices like for products?

At this point I’d imagine most, if not all are out of cards. Granted, I’ve not checked since the afternoon of the first saturday, when they still had promos, but if what is reported about some stores running out at midday of the first day I can’t imagine there’s any left. Your best bet would probably finding them at a MediaMarkt in the ‘countryside’ somewhere, as these seem to have had fewer visitors.

ETB’s were €55-60 which is €5-10 more expensive than most card stores.

i ordered the prints and the canvas around september 30th? Got them around Christmas eve but forgot to make a picture. Prints are still in foil since i am not sure if i want to keep them on this spot or move them so i want to keep them as clean as possible before hanging them somewhere. I hope to make better pictures then!
Ps can we talk about the deep colours in Eevee? The wait was worth it!


So my friend went to the cardshop in netherlands today. Some cardshops ran out of the pokemon produts to sell even tho they have dozens of pikachu copies to distribute.:joy:


I dont know how many shops have this situation right now. But there are more copies to be distributed.

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Also the 30euros is only for Pokemon products or are there other things to buy in the shop?

It was in Game mania. He asked if he can bought sum else to get the van gogh but they said only for poke products.

€ 29,99 Spend on Pokémon TCG Products. So you need to buy a tin+extra, blister+extra or 4 boosters to get the booster.

I picked up my copy last week. And I have to say, it feels like a very cheap promo. No texture, no special foil, no special gloss. It’s just a full art holographic card with a Pikachu on it.

It got hyped a lot. And the hype doesn’t live up to the actual card. Glad I only spend € 29,99 on it.


Had to add since i remembered that there actually is a system against this since you can’t have more than 8 of the same item in your cart from different sellers. I was adding a bunch of 151 holo energies in my cart few weeks ago and it prevented me from doing that, i was then wondering why but it just crossed my mind that it must be something regarding this


This Saturday is wave 2. At many shops in the Netherlands.

Wave 3 will come after that. Probsbly early march. Have fun :slight_smile:



Whoever waited this long for TPCi to print this card into the ground is about to have their patience rewarded


This quote is what got me…thats crazy

With the current PSA population alone at 25K graded, modern is just nuts lol


Dang it, what timing lol.

At least my friend managed to pick up the postcards for me at the Van Gogh Museum. A nice surprise since I thought it would go with the exhibition.

Good news. Prices crash to the ground please


Best way to kill scalpers is to do this. I highly support this move.