Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration

Scalpers already made their money. And will still make it when it hits 30 a promk

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Some more promos have been released into the market today

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What is your current count? Did you reach your goal of 400?


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This was it. No new waves coming. Got it confirmed by multiple stores. Some have a few promos laying around that are bought up.

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It’s been precisely six months since I initiated the poll to estimate the price of Grey Felt hat Pikachu. Let’s take a look at what happened since then. Here’s a recap of the poll:

To figure out where the price stands now, let’s split it between the European and US markets, since they’ve got quite different price tags.
In Europe, Pikachu’s been selling for about 45€-50€, with a dip to 35€-40€ when they announced new waves a couple of weeks back. But now, it looks like the price is creeping up again and hitting around 55€-60€.
But take this information with a grain of salt. There’s been some shady business going on with people trying to mess with the prices on cardmarket. They keep adding any listings below a certain price straight into their shopping cart, making them disappear. I have been chatting with a few sellers, and it seems like this is still a big issue. I got sent screenshots and one seller said he had to block 10 accounts just today. And it’s 11am here.

Seems like in the US, there’s either more demand or less supply, because their prices are nearly double what they are in Europe, hovering around $80-$100.


Looks like I overestimated with my 20€-40€ prediction for Europe. It’s actually surprising to see the interest in this card still going strong, and those US prices staying high. To celebrate the 6 months, I bought my first Grey felt hat Pikachu today!


Congrats on the purchase!

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The promo is the 7th most-graded Pokemon card ever by PSA!

Maybe it’ll climb up to the top 5 in the next few months as it seems another 1000 get added weekly, but I imagine it’ll slow down at some point this year.


I think this image provides a great perspective. It’s fitting that for now it sits on the list near Ancient Mew, as I think this card might have a similar story in that it has S-tier popularity but very high print numbers. Granted one big difference is that Ancient Mew has a PSA 10 rate of ~7% compared to 50% for Van Gogh Pikachu (for obvious reasons).

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There is still a big demand for Van Gogh in America. Still shipping tons of packages each day/week to the US.

Just checked it, figured I can post it here:

33854 :slight_smile:


I ordered canvas prints from the Van Gogh museum in December, and I’ve finally gotten them this week. Well worth the wait, I think they look great :). I also got prints of the original self portraits that Eevee and Pikachu are based on to compare with. They gave me a bonus set of the postcards as a ‘sorry’ for taking so long :).

Authenticity cert:

Put my hand there just to give an idea of scale. These are the small size ones too! Wonder how big they go. I also wonder if they’ll reprint them again, given the madness. Most of their shop prints are made to order.


That’s a shocking amount of 2s

Interestingly, ancient mew has about 2.5k psa 10s and is worth about the same as a psa 10 of grey felt pikachu with about 17.5k. I really would’ve expected the ancient mew to be worth more in a psa 10.

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The more recent in-print high demand franchise-mascot Pokémon collaboration card has the broader reach. You’d have to be in the older crowd that grew up watching The Power of One to be familiar with Ancient Mew, aside from the fact that more cards are printed today than ever before


I would agree that more people will go for the Pikachu due to both the modern release and the popularity (and stonk-ability) of Pikachu x Van Gogh. That said, Ancient Mew is one of the most unique cards ever printed, so I do think it has a lot of draw. Thing is almost anyone who touched Pokemon around the time when it came out has a copy (though likely not a mint one) and that might be enough for them. With modern cards there is much more of a PSA 10 or bust mentality.

Was reviewing sales prices for these and found it more interesting than usual. Pretty large differences.

SGC 10: $125-$150
PSA 10: $215-245
Sealed in original wrapper “pack” PSA 10: $300ish
CGC Pristine: $400-$420
Black Label: Couldn’t find any but assume in $800 range?

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Wtf there are sealed Van Gogh PSA 10s?

Grading transparent plastic wrappers?

No wonder we are speed running extinction.