Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration

Pokemon just announced that they are collaborating with the Van Gogh Museum at the end of September. Should we all start preparing for Munch Promos 2.0?

EDIT 9/13: Pokebeach discovered a listing showing that TPCi ordered “Van Gogh promo cards” from one of their TCG printing factories!


First look at promo

How to obtain:


I definitely smell a promo in the works.


Umbreon x Starry Night?

But it’s cool to see this collaboration and so close to home. Would be good to actuall go and visit the Museum.



Does anybody know if it’s worth checking out the event in Amsterdam when it’s happening?
How was it with the munch event? Was it so crowded that it was not fun at all, or were the lines doable?

I’m desperately hoping for something like this and also terrified that it will happen and that we’ll have to deal with the hoard of scalpers. :joy:


Starry night will definitely be one of the motives. Curious to see which Pokémon they will choose for it.

That’s in the Netherlands!

I’m in the Netherlands!



I don’t think the world is ready for a Moonbreon starry night card


Because it is not in Japan, I think promo cards are way less likely. They would also be English?

When was the last time TPCI produced an actually interesting promo tied into an event? Special delivery or on the ball promos? That’s basically peak creativity from them


With Scream promos, the concept is easier to produce on full art Pokémon cards because of the single portrait. Hypothetically, if they’re going with Starry Night as the subject for any TCG promo(s), I feel like they would have to be connected illustrations for various Pokémon cameos within. The painting is a 5:4 aspect ratio so I imagine maybe 6 cards put together? Pikachu will undoubtedly have to be one of them

If they’re not going to be TCG promos, my next bet will be on postcards. Very commonly used stationery to sell in touristy places like Amsterdam


They don’t need to be creative - they just need to do exactly what was already done with the Munch promos. They’re already doing the art anyway;


I don’t think E4 is ready for a certain user salivating over a Moonbreon starry nights card.


They just need to be as creative as some of the most creative cards of all time :wink: But I know what you mean, the concept isnt new.

The problem is everything else. TPCI is basically handcuffed in their ability to produce anything unique when it comes to the TCG. It’s not hard to hire an artist and write some attacks, but it is hard to get authorized to produce something that unique if history is any indicator.

But I’d love to be wrong here. Maybe they will produce cards and it’s a sign that TPCI will be given more freedom. But I doubt it


This is a wonderful way to introduce children to fine art.

Here are some of the paintings that I think would look stellar with Pokemon in them.

Cafe Terrace at Night, 1888 (Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly)

Starry Night, 1889 (Umbreon)

Irises, 1889 (Oddish)

Wheatfields With Crows, 1890 (Honchkrow, Sunflora)

Almond Blossom, 1890 (Caterpie, Rowlet)


This is cool and I’m excited to see what the experience ends up being. Also good to see that European fans get a fun experience.

As far as future promos go, I hope they do produce something and then print a metric ton of them. Would love to see scalpers take a massive loss and have some cool art be widely available at a decent price


I’m visiting Amsterdam early October for Blink-182. :love_you_gesture: Will definately drop-in. Welcome news! :grinning:


Slightly unrelated, but I will say that I’ve noticed TPCI producing more unique TCG accessories such as playmats and deck sleeves as of late. Up until recently they were always boring clip art images. Granted these aren’t cards, but perhaps it indicates they are being given a bit more freedom. One can hope until proven otherwise at least!


I’ve heard some murmurs that TPC wants to grow the international brand more [this is not first-hand knowledge]. The fact that this event is happening at all is a good example though. We will see on the card front what happens. I know it seems like a no-brainer to produce cards for this event but history would suggest it wont happen. At the very least, there will probably be other merch like postcards or pencil cases etc


If they can only be obtained at the museum, i will try to get my hands on as many as i can since im from the Netherlands and try to distribute them to e4 members if anyone would want some.


Café Terrace at Night is my favorite Van Gogh painting! I would love to see that on a card!