Pokemon Merchandise News Thread

Hey fellow UPCCCers!

I’ve decided, because I’m knowledgeable in more than just cards, that I’ll start sharing information regarding various Pokemon Merch that’s upcoming and fun stuff like that! Anyone can post on this tread, offering their own news they’ve located and such :blush: However, let’s keep the card discussions on other threads (as that is why we are all here!). This is strictly for non-TCG merch news :grin:

Have at it folks!


Pokemon News - April 17, 2015

Pokemon Center Hiroshima

Photo credits to : @ zombiemiki on twitter

Pokemon Center Hiroshima is set to open sometime this summer.
No other information has been released, aside from this logo. From speculation, the promotional goods associated with the grand opening will be the lovely Red Gyarados and Pikachu. I personally am a fan of the promotional goods for Pokemon Centers. For instance, in my collection at home, I have a bountiful array of Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay goods from when it opened in 2013. This will definitely be a great news story for individuals like @reinasierpe and @azulryu .
I’ll aim to update this thread with more information about this grand opening, once more information is available.

Monthly Pikachus Are Back!

April - Freshman Pikachu
Photo credits to : @moonlight_pkmn on twitter

May - Children’s Day Pikachu
Photo credits to : kitzune from livejournal

June - Rainy Day Pikachu
Photocredits to : Sunyshore Pokemart

Many moons ago, the Pokemon Center had a promotion wherein every month for an entire year they released new pikachu plushies. They announced early in March their promotion. These are a staple for any pikachu collector! Those who have attempted to collect the plushies from years ago, realize the struggle of acquiring them. It’s difficult to find someone who wants to split their complete set, so purchasing these from the start (or soon thereafter) is probably the safest bet to ensure not paying outrageous prices in the future.

A Plethora of Pikachus!

Photo credits to : Sunyshore Pokemart

The Pokemon Center announced late last night the arrival of some new Pikachu merchandise for April 18, 2015. There have already been some Secret Base Pokedolls that have been released (Wailmer, Skitty, Torchic & Treecko) so it was no surprise when they announced a new Pikachu. The charms were a more shocking release as there hasn’t been a lot of merch revolving around the cosplay pikachus, aside from a plushie for each, and the one promo card that came in the Pokemon Illustration Collection released in December.

Pikazard Restock!

Photo credits to : Sunyshore Pokemart

After the large debuckle that came with the original launch of Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo and the scalpers purchasing hundreds of these plushies to resell (consequently resulting in limits for sleeve purchases in the near future as well), the Pokemon Center is finally going to be doing a restock of these plushies! The “rawr” plushie is only available at the Mega Tokyo Center, whereas the smiling one is available at all locations (to my knowledge).

Pokemikke Ice-Cream Promotion!

This news story is a little late. This promotion started just a little while ago at the Pokemon Centers, but I thought it would be better late than never! Featuring a wide arrange of cute pokemon from Eevee, Dedenne and Chikorita to lesser loved but still amazing Slowpoke & Lickitung, this promotion has a flavour for everyone! The merchandise in this promotion is mostly stationary & practical goods. No plushies this time around!
More information regarding this promotion (here).

I hope you all enjoy this first really quick segment! I’ll try to link to reputable sellers, with the cheapest pricing that I know of to help any of you fellow collectors out :blush: I also will aim to choose places I use constantly or people I know are decent and are not flaky. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! Pokemon Center generally puts out news once a week, so I’ll try to make these more frequently if I can.


Beautiful new Rayquaza Mega Battle deck tin, similar to the ones we have in English. Really hoping we get something similar.

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Oh yes! I forgot to include that new battle deck tin! Lovely tin! I wonder if we will see those in North American retail stores.

Great idea Michael! Now I will end up buying more merchandise than before. :blush:

Also, it is great to see another pokemon center! Shining Gyarados was a good choice.

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So… Where can I get a copy of the sign? :stuck_out_tongue:

Preferably a flat sheet of metal would be great so as to count for my flats collections. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they come out with a few new Gyarados-related stuff soon.

@azulryu - That sign will be plastered on all the promotional merch! Trust me :wink:

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Pokemon News - April 24, 2015

Pokemon Time Promotion - Eeveelutions~

Thanks to : @ denkimouse on twitter

Pokemon Time is a successful promotion that has been around the Pokemon Center for years. The charms are often highly collectible and the plush are desired by many. The Pokemon site in Japan just announced that June 6th, 2015 there will be a new line of Eeveelution Pokemon Time goodies. This is great news for any Eeveelution collector, Pokemon Time collectors and of course, anyone who has disposable funds and wants to sit on something for a year or so then profit immensely! (Eeveelution goods generally skyrocket in value).

Pokemon Trainers Collection~

Photo credits to : @ zombiemiki on twitter

Not a lot of information is available at the moment for this new collection. It will be released on May 16, 2015. Aside from that it is unsure what sort of items or things will be in the promotion. Strange… Cute artwork however is a good sign!

New Pokemon Tomy Plush~

Photo credits to : @ denkimouse on twitter

These were also announced. Lati@s collectors and Movie Merch buffs will go crazy for these new Tomy Plush! With release of the new Pokemon movie, there’ll be a lot more merchandise featuring Hoopa & Lati@s among other star pokemon featured in the film. So exciting!

Pokemon Lab Promotion~

From what I gather, there will be a Science Exhibition from July 8, 2015-October 12, 2015. The pin is only available if you purchase a limited advance ticket for the exhibition. Not a lot of information is available as of yet, however the merch seems to appeal to those individuals who love science and/or those who love pikachu!

I’ve never collected plushes, but that Latios looks really cool, might just have to pick one up!

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@fourthstartcg - Tomy plushies are usually not that expensive, so great choice :grin:
Once I find someone who is selling them, I’ll try and update here with the info too!

@milhouse - I can’t find the other images but there were other characters also in this set… Strange… Where’t the info go.

Well if anyone gets this stuff and wants to send me the tags and other assorted flatware, feel free to let me know!

Also, I apologize for my absence as of late. School has been kicking my ass and have been focusing on it more the last month or so. :dizzy_face:

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No worries. School comes first. :blush:


Just a quick note: Pikazards now have bootlegs, so if you are interested in authentic ones, use the link I sent you. They shouldn’t be $15, as some ebay sellers have them. That’s less than retail. Remember: If it is too good to be true, it probably is :blush:

Sorry that I haven’t updated this news thread in a while. There wasn’t sufficient news for last week, and this week there was a boat load of news to share :blush:. So let’s get to it! Sorry if I’m a little direct and straight to the point. I lost the original post I was going to share, and so I’m taking time to re-write it for the second time ^^

May 15th, 2015

Monthly Pikachu - July

You all know the drill of the monthly pikachu collection! This is the one announced for July! :blush:
Festival Pikachu will be released on July 20th.
Photo credits to @denkimouse from sunyshore.

Narita Airport Pikachus

There will be a little pop-up store opening up in the Narita airport this summer. As such, what better way to commemorate the grand opening of a pop-up shop than with limited edition plushies! I believe they will be released mid June.
Photo credits to @denkimouse from sunyshore.

Secret Base Pokedolls

I missed the train on announcing these last week. The Pokemon Center decided to surprise patrons with a quick release of three new secret base pokedolls last week on May 9th. They go with the Pikachu from the article above, as well as the original crew of Wailmer, Skitty, Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic and Skitty! Very cute and anyone who loves ORAS should definitely pick up Ditto, Lapras and Clefairy. Note: This isn’t the Clefairy Pokedoll that sold for $1.5k. That was the original Clefairy Pokedoll and not the Clefairy Secret Base one :blush:
Photo credits to @denkimouse from sunyshore.

Pokemon Heroine Collection Blind Package Keychains

Released on May 16th, these keychains will be a must have in anyone who collects trainers or torchic, purugly, girafarig, klefki and/or pachirisu. If you are looking for a specific keychain it might be better to just order that as opposed to gambling on a blind package. (This is similar to cards and getting singles as opposed to opening a booster box to press your luck!).
Photo credits to @denkimouse from sunyshore.

Eeveelution UFO Catchers - Next Set Announced!

There is often is pretty cool UFO Catchers that are released, and as such they made an AWESOME eeveelution set! (Yay that’s all that we need more eeveelutions). I’m not entirely sure when this set comes out, but I know they just brought out the Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon set so probably in a few weeks?
Photo credits & video credits to @zombiemiki from twitter.
Winning jolteon credits to @allierinia from twitter.

Eevee Pass Cases

I’m not entirely sure what this is. I believe it is also a UFO Catcher prize because of the watermarks, and being announced at the same time (my friends tweeted these both together). That being said, this pass case is released on the 18th of this month, so perhaps the above eeveelution ufo catchers will be too?
Photo credits to @zombiemiki on twitter.

New Pokemon MPC Set

The MPC Set is something that has been around for a long time. They released all the Black & White Pokemon when that hype train came out. That being said this is the latest set announced. I know Dedenne is a repeat, I’m not 100% sure about the others… This will be released June 25th.
Photo credits to @moonlight_pkmn on twitter.

Pokemon Time Eeveelutions

Coming out June 6th, the Pokemon Time Eeveelutions are the cause of the next recession. Collectors left, right and center are taking out loans, withdrawing all that they have to fund these wonderful creatures! Headphones, iPhone case and charms were announced on the latest photo.
Photo credits to @denkimouse on twitter.

@azulryu @smpratte @soulwind @funmonkey54 I really think you will all appreciate the loveliness that is the new Hiroshima merchandise up and coming!

I for one and uber excited for them!



I can’t wait.

That’s it for now!


We got pics of them already!

I don’t know about the rest but Red Gyarados Pikachu is going to be Hiroshima Pokemon Center exclusive!


The Red Gyarados only is at Hiroshima but the blue and Karp are available at all the centres. Sorry I would’ve posted this last night but I am on my way to Anime North right now… ;-;

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May 29th, 2015 - Lots of Fun News

Eeveelution Necklaces

The Pokemon Center has just announced these new eeveelution necklaces. Starting in the early days of August, the Pokemon Center will make these necklaces per order. That means these will eventually be super hard to find, as they are made to order. The necklaces will be sent directly to patrons of the Pokemon Center, that means no pick ups!

There will also be 3 variations of the necklaces. Silver (15,000 円), Yellow Gold (49,000 円) or Pink Gold (65,000 円).

Photo credits to @zombiemiki on twitter.

Pokemon With You Pins

The next set of Pokemon with You pins has been announced. This will certainly tickle any electric collector’s fancy.
For those of you that don’t know, Pokemon with You Pins were started after the disastrous tsunami in 2011. All proceeds from these pins go to help organizations and relief funds.

Photo credits to @zombiemiki on twitter.

Pokemon Center Hiroshima Hype Train!

For individuals going to the Pokemon Center, the first 10,000 patrons will receive one of these bags (on the left) for free! You also get one of these charms if you spend over 4,000 円. So cute, much awesome.

Photo credits to @zombiemiki on twitter.


New ‘Magikarp And Gyarados Make-Believe Pikachu Box!’



i hope a larvitar or tyranitar plush comes out. I could see larvitar but most people wont find Tyranitar’s spikey design to mesh well with plush.