Pokemon World Championships! - Excitement Inside

Howdy folks!

I decided we needed a thread for the various updates each of us has to offer up, so here it is. First thing I’ve got to offer you all is store updates.

This year the store has been far better stocked. It is midday and the staff and players have already gone through. I got into the store and out of it with my stuff in 15 minutes. The shelves are still consistently full. It has been truly wonderful. Prices are:

DS Cloth - $7.00
DS Bag - $10.00
VG Playmat - $15.00
TCG Playmat - $25.00
Plush - $20.00
Shirts - $25.00
Tote Bag - $25.00
Deckbox - $20.00
Lanyard - I forget
Keychain - I forget

These are just the world’s exclusives. They’ve set up an entire Pokemon Center. Some other awesome items include a giant Pikachu plush for $250.00. Word is there were seven at the start. Five have already sold, leaving two, which is what we can see still displayed. There are tons of other Pikachu plushes, shirts, and everything from Pokemon Center Online. There are video games and packs for sale and so many other things that you’d expect to see.

The theme this year is colonial Boston and the shirts look fantastic. If you look around, you can see some of the different swag surfacing in photos. I’ll make sure that I upload what we have at some point here as well. The wifi is terrible in our hotel room and we’re very disappointed that we can’t upload photos from mobile devices easily.

Other news:

The trophy cards are reprints of last year. I have photos that I will upload at some point in addition to the other stuff. The decorations are AWESOME. The venue is massive. They used a lot of old-style thick rope to decorate which looks great.

Country changes. Luxembourg and Spain are not represented on the shirts this year. Added are: Colombia, Hungary, Ireland, Peru, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan.

I’ll keep this updated when I get bits of WiFi and hopefully some others will add information and photos themselves! :blush:




^ I am willing to buy a set of these if anyone picks it up

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I wonder if I’ll be able to get that plush for less than $50… (and I’m not talking about $49.99 :grin:)
I would like to get a Japanese copy of Champions Festival as well

Can you buy that promo trainer card at worlds, I’m going tommorow I’ll probably buy multiple depending on the price

I think they’re giving them only to World’s participants? So you can’t buy them at the shop.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Mewtwo I meant me too. Also a binder.

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They haven’t made Worlds Binders in 2 years.
Last one they made was in 2013.

Also after a Japanese copy if possible. Send a PM if you have any left =)

What does that say about your collection, when you do not notice something in no longer produced. bangs head



@omahanime - I loved collecting the binders… It upset me that they didn’t last year… Something about it being too costly to ship them all

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Photo time!

Here is a quick snap of the merchandise.

And here are the trophies and cards.

And also, the squirrels are super friendly here. The first photo is @djgigabyte letting a squirrel nibble on a leaf while @cbd1235 takes a photo. The second is of myself petting a squirrel that a crazy lady in the park had apparently named “China.”

See the others in 7 1/2 hours. We’ll get more pictures then. :wink:


Also, no idea why the merchandise photo is upside down. I tried to fix it, but it’s not really a big deal. You get the gist.

This all looks amazing! It’s sad to think I go to school 30 minutes away but can’t make it there because of other responsibilities :confused: have so much fun everyone though!

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Marie didn’t want her photo up, so I’ll post something else of Jason later so you guys don’t miss out, since he’s super handsome. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also looking for this set please guys :blush: x

Did they have japanese merch there? You mention the huge Pikachu plush and the only I can think of its the one that was 27000 yen in Japan a few months ago!

Would love to see what other things they have there ;-; I am so going next year!

The Japanese players bring every sleeve, mat, plush, and Deckbox you could want.

Those sound right for pikachus. Price d right.

Tried to get some venue pics that give an idea of the size of JUST the gaming area. They’re just alright. But know this is a third of the total space occupied by Pokemon Worlds this year. Each photo is a different side of the same room.