Pokemon Worlds 2015 anyone??

So any of us going to Pokemon Worlds Championship this year in Boston?


A bunch of us posted here if we’re going…but that might have changed. I for one am definitely going and I would love to do a UPCCC meet up.

I’ll be there.

We are meeting up for sure!

cant come, kinda life far away from boston

I Promised Scott I would fly out next year.

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I’d love to come one year. Cant wait to fill in my US visa form:

Reason for visit: To attend Pokemon festival

Customs official: *reads form* …Excuse me sir, are you aware it is a federal crime to falsify immigration data?

If i go will you guys shun me from the group? :confused:

I doubt it. Everyone here is pretty chill.

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You’ll be welcome as long as you bring in your PSA membership.


For those who have been to worlds before, I have some questions…

What’s it like?
What types/rarities of cards are available?
Should I bring cards to trade?
I’m not going after trophy cards, but should I bring a solid amount of cash to buy stuff?

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I’d like to second that question.

I don’t want to haul a bunch of cards, but I can resonably bring some & leave them in my room.

What kind of access to psa cards will we have from other collectors?

I’d rather just hop on a phone & paypal gift everyone in person than bring cash.


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Id too like to know, hope to see some of you there !

Another question: I’m thinking of building a somewhat-competitive deck for worlds. Nothing crazy, probably M Gallade/Bats. Question is, would any of you bring decks as well to play?

Worlds is amazing. There are tons of people there for both TCG and VGC. The energy is high the whole time, but being in the crowd during finals is uniquely enthralling. You will see all sorts of crazy stuff there. Pretty well any mainstream promo you can think of and one of every card every released in a set. Then you get hit or miss run-ins with the ultra rare stuff. Some Japanese players will come with trophies, but they typically want much more than the cards are worth, so it isn’t a great place to buy those. Bring cards to trade! You can work open gaming, which is a massive trade session, and do your best to pull out some sweet deals. English is heavily favored, however. But you’ll get more people interested in your Japanese cards there than you will any other non-Japanese tournament of any size. My suggestion is bring whatever cash you can muster. You’ll find LOADS of things you’ll want to buy. Cool stuff, rare stuff, good deals, and tournament exclusives. And the great thing about bringing cash is you can take it home as easily as you brought it there. Better safe than sorry!

My suggestion is to be reasonable about it. Vary the dollar value, but understand that most people won’t be looking to buy or trade for $200-500 cards. If you bok near the hotel, it’s not a big deal at all to run back and grab something. People do that all the time during deals. Your access to PSA graded cards will be less than the internet. That said, the huge increase in interest in the last year will likely increase what is brought. If you make deals with people like @smpratte, you might even be able to arrange on-site delivery if you pay ahead, which would give you some more PSA cards to drag home. Also, cash is king. People will give you better deals if you have cash because they want to use the money while they are there. Paypal means they have to wait for a transfer to bank account, if they can do that, and they’ll not have the money until they leave anyway. I STRONGLY suggest bringing cash instead, even if it is safer and easier to go the paypal route. You’ll save money in the end if you have cash.

There are so many people coming this year that I can’t imagine us NOT doing some sort of meet-up. Though a lot of people have different, strict plans, we’ll see if we can get together a meal or something! Or, if you know what any of us look like, flag us down in open gaming. I know we’ll spend at least a few hours there by the end of the weekend. We’ll post here come event time with more details about that kind of thing. But even if you miss out on the opportunity to meet people from UPCCC, go! Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the crazy awesome event overall. :grin:

While I highly doubt most of us are going to invest in decks, if you bring one, you’ll get to play. Open gaming has a bunch of people. Try buying something from a seller on the condition they give you a 2 out of 3 match or something. You’ll get new stuff and the excitement of a match! Plus there will be awkward roamers all around. If you really want to do something cool, bring your competitive deck with a small homemade sign: “play me and get a free card.” Bring some junk cards and just stay as long as you like playing people and giving them the excitement of a neat card you didn’t care about. There are all sorts of ways to ensure you get to play people if you bring a deck. :blush:


Worlds is great I love seeing all the international players and all the rare stuff they bring. The key is bring LOTS OF cash because there is so much people will be buying like crazy. But I know last year tpci were cracking down on the japanese players for seller. Card wise bring whatever you can because people will be looking at old and newer cards as well. I think I shocked lots of people last year showing sealed VS packs and a complete VS collection. I know that Scott and everyone found some pretty good deals near the end of the 2nd day and of course how we all met was just a big HOLY CRAP lol

If anyone is having trouble finding a room in Boston to begin with, you could get one around where I live (approx. 40 min away) and we could carpool to and from worlds. Rooms would probably be cheaper as well. PM me if you’re interested and I can give you links to some hotels around here.

Don’t be a serial killer


I’m about 50 mins from Boston. Maybe I should go. Do you have to sign up or pay to get in?

Nope! Free to visit. :blush: