Worlds 2014

I wanted to make a thread to see who will be at Worlds this year. I will be attending, and have not been since 2011. Let me know if you are going as it is always nice to put a face to a name.

I might go if it isn’t too difficult with work and school.

I’d mostly be there just because it’s in my back yard. :wink:

You live in the White House?!

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I won’t be going! :slightly_frowning_face:
I know I was debating earlier this year, but with tuition due soon and work giving me lots of hours (can’t complain there) I can’t make it!

I have the money to get there!

But not back.
Or to get there and back, but not stay.


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It sounds like the logical answer is to go there and get the money to go back while there!


And how do you suggest I do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I know some people sell cards/merchandise while there. One of the roommates that ending up staying in my room ended up paying me partially in sleeves and cards.

I would like to go but got no one to go with and I don’t know anybody that will be there. So it would be hard for me to go maybe next year

Awesome! I have been in touch with Dan, hopefully we can all meet up at some point.

I’m going, participating in the LCQ, Pokémon Symphony…

For those who are going/have gone before, how much does it cost roughly to stay out there?

Scott if I went I could pay you in other ways… :wink:… back massages.

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I reaaaaally want to go this year. So much thinking to do.

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Boy, if you are going you had best be giving me some heads up so I can check the couch for quarters. Hahaha

Well. I’m going. Schedule was posted today, and here is the important stuff:


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Gotta get those autographs! But I guess I won’t get a card signed by it’s illustrator (only one has illustrated like 5 (un)common cards)

Well I’m officially going from Thursday to Monday SO EXCITED TO MEET EVERYONE GOING

(and to go to the Smithsonian!)


Flight = Booked

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