Pokemon Worlds 2011

Hey guys looks like i’m going to Worlds this year and it will be my first time. I dont know what to expect so can even of you guys tell me what are things to do there? Since im not participating in the tourney I would also like to know the other things that make the event so great. Is there and entrance fee?

DJ, Scott and Reina will be there. Link up with them?

Of course, if you’re there you have to look for cards for me :blush:

I also had a question about this. I can only go down one of the days. Which is the best day to go down to the event? I mean in terms of lots of venders, and when it will be most crowded.

I would think the first day. And dogma if u make a list I would be willing to try and find some of those items and maybe trade or sell them to u :blush:

The main thing are the Pal Cities. Apart from that, I need full Japanese sets. Everything else would be a bonus :blush:

I figured the last day would be the best! I am so excited to go and meet everyone! It is long overdue :blush:

Not everyone - I won’t be there :slightly_frowning_face:

Will there be card shops that sell ultra rare single cards? If so ill need to bring s lot of cash :blush:

I want cards too!!! I need the DPt-P Daisuki club pikachu (and cresslia/darkrai if they exist)

Yea I would be happy to help anyone find cards they really need. The main reason I am going is to purchase cards anyways :blush:

if anything i’m just looking for the pokemon center promos and the neo 4 shining cards or crystal cards as well.

I could only wish I could go there! I just don’t have the money nor the time to make it down there :/. Definitely report how it goes when you get back :blush:

Estimation How many people attend each year?

Several I believe

Oh god I want these things toooooooo!

lol dogma those were always things in my priority for japanese stuff.seeing how ebay people charge crazy for em.as for people attending worlds every year seems to varies from what my friends tell me.tcg is always the big game and of course the things you buy at the store there are what is worth it as well

I really am excited to experience it. I just wanna see all the rare cards that I can’t have :blush:

dont forget to pick up some playmats and plushies while you guys are there :blush:

Yea I’m getting my gf a plushie