Official Meet Up for Worlds - CHANGED MEETUP FOR 8/22/15

Current Information on Official Meet Up:Location: Center of Entrance nearest Store Doors (on the left)
Time: Saturday (8/22/15) @ 9 AM
We are then open to the idea of at some point getting food/dinner later to just hang out and chat.

I know we already have two threads already talking about worlds, but thought that it might be good to see if we could dedicate an hour or two for the event to have an official meet up for the UPCCC.

I live in Boston so it’s pretty easy for me. The only thing that will be difficult is that I get out of work on Friday at 4PM (I work in Fenway) but can show up before the end of the event at 6PM. I figure we can post details here to figure out where we can meet and what we’d like to do for a meet and greet.

My idea is this:

Availability to Meet Up:
- Fri:
- Sat:
- Sun:
Location Suggestions:

You can use the sitemap of the Convention Center to figure Out Locations:

So if I had a say, I’d say:

Name: Devin (Azul Ryu)
Availability to Meet Up:
- Fri: 4:30 PM to 7 PM
- Sat: All Day
- Sun: TBA
Location Suggestions:
- Sheraton Hotel Entrance
- Outside Auditorium
- Outside Hynes Convention Center by the Flags (literally by the street in a little park space to the left of the building).

I figured this might be easier for us to do to meet up officially.

Also, do we want to bring little cards or nametags for ourselves to show who we are? It’d be great if we had a flag or sign of some sort but in such short time, I’m not going to hold my breath. XD


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Hmmm…you’re making this sound like a lot of fun. Wish I wasn’t on the west coast with an 11 month old;)

Your priorities are in the right place.


Name: Ethan (FourthStarTCG)
Fri: TBA, Probably all day
Sat: All Day
Sunday: All Day

No more suggestions for locations, those sound good.

Tagging @funmonkey54 @reinasierpe @gemmintpokemon @desi @legendslugia251 @smpratte I know they are coming…

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Yeah, I’m game for a skype group chat to work the last tid-bits out.

So far Saturday is looking like the ideal for everyone so far.

Next year, man. Next year. Kids come first. Maybe next time you can take your kid with you! :grin:

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Would anyone care to give a brief description of ‘Worlds’ and what’s there for those of us who don’t really know?

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This year in Boston is the Pokemon Worlds Championship. like the past years lots and lots of people come from all over the world to the event to enter in the last chance qualifier and just trade things, buy stuff and meet new people. There are A LOT of international players so there is always something interesting for people to see and do. You can also find great deals on things and of course the special Pokemon Worlds stuff only sold at the retail area.also stuff you will not see like the Unikarp or rare promos. This year I know there is no LCQ but there are lots of side events taking place which is always a great thing to do and find. A friend of mines told me last week during Nationals this year Pokemon did do more enforcing for the whole buying/selling thing so idk how they are working it this year.

I’m up for a group chat sometime this week if anyone wants to work out the details more. I will be there thursday night till early sunday if anything


Are they allowing trading this year?
I heard there were issues with USA Nationals and people were being thrown out.

to be honest idk how Pokemon is doing it for worlds this year. my friend did tell me like i said before they got more strict with people and did hear people were getting banned or kicked out. so we will see what happens this week :blush:

They don’t have as much pressure on them at Worlds to kick out backpack vendors because there aren’t any competing vendors paying for their spot. So I doubt things will be as chaotic as US Nats was.

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I’m done for a Skype chat whenever I can. Also anything I should bring? Am I going to get barked out by the poke police if I try trading away my spare PSA 10 cards ?

Nah I don’t think so.
See, as Charlie can probably tell you all, there were a few minor issues with Nats this year.
People were getting thrown out for trading or selling, because the vendors had paid top dollar to vend, and then to have small backpackers swiping all their sales, security took action. Kicking people out left right and center.
Of course you had the people who got away with it… Slipping money behind a card in a sleeve or going off the property but…

If they have no vendors at worlds, there shouldn’t be any issues.

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I doubt there are any vendors at worlds. last year they didnt even have any and people just traded mostly in the free play area.cant wait till we see whats in store for worlds

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I’m down for a Skype session on Wednesday at/after 9PM EST. I’m up late so I can do pretty damn late for people.

I’m good for a Skype session whenever as well. Wednesday after 9pm works for me.

So I was forced into work on Saturday but still should have a chance to go at some point.

Make the trip, if only for an hour’s stay! Worth it.

Also, every time I flip through UPCCC with my glasses off, I read this thread title as “Official Boy Meets World Thread” and think “wot”

Added you.

My skype is pathosquanous

Weird. When I first posted the thread, I thought I said, “Official Boy Meet up for Worlds in Boston” thread and thought I might have accidentally made a gay meetup thread. Hahaha.

On that note, though, I worked some employee magic. I got Saturday free again.


We should definitely get this figured out seeing as Worlds starts in two days…