Pokemon Hidden Fates mini-set announced

I just saw this: www.totalcards.net/blog/pokemon/pokemon-hidden-fates-mini-set-announced/

What else could it be than Ultra Shiny GX English release?

Blisters are going to feature Shiny Mewtwo and Mew, though idk which Mew would it be as there was no Shiny Mew in Ultra Shiny.

Anyways, time to get hyped?

With 250 cards being in the Japanese set, Idk how anything about that can be converted to a “mini” release lol


Almost everything in it is a reprint so I would imagine only the shinies maybe? Idk

Might be English versions of the Family cards which were released in Japan recently?

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Oh RIP. I guess the shiny stock art is just to hype things up :slightly_frowning_face:

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Is this the same website that said Scream promos would be released in English?

From what they shared, this looks more like release material for the family set or Unified Minds/Miracle Twins. Miracle Twins releases the same month (August). Also the Japanese stock image for the set features Mewtwo & Mew. Oh and Ultra Shiny GX is currently the largest set in the hobby.

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I like what PichuFan said.

It’s possible they could also be breaking down the Family Card Set into indivudal promo boxes. Something like a Mewtwo/Mew Deck, Raichu/Pikachu Deck, a Charizard/? Deck, Etc Etc. The Shiny aspect might just be a rumor, or possibly them making them shiny for the english release.

Total Cards has a habit of jumping the gun to get out first on some of this stuff. The absolute closest we would ever get is a Best of XY Collection Box equivalent.

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@xzini, Pokebeach is speculating the same thing. Everyone has been speculating from the initial release of Shiny GX.

This is such a great set, but if it gets an english release like Best of XY, it will be forgotten. The English release for BOXY isn’t even on the Bulba page for Best of XY. The release was haphazard, splintered, and given the super catchy name: “premium trainer xy collection”. :wink:


Pokebeach wrote an article about this upcoming set they are usually pretty accurate when it comes to leaks www.pokebeach.com/2019/04/hidden-fates-special-set-releasing-in-america-this-august

I just realized, Mew isn’t in Ultra Shiny GX…

A theory to reduce Ultra Shiny GX into a mini set would be just release the 90 shining cards. If that were true, then every card in the set would be shiny?

Also “Hidden Fates” is the name for a set with the most Shiny cards ever released?

Honestly I think both sources are just clickbaiting.

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I feel like english is so behind on releases that they wouldnt bother doing a reprint set over let’s say something like remix bout but who knows

@dragonitemail, Tcpi on the job:


I hope Shini Gx’s remain japanese only… but thats just my hope…

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Are there any reasons why we’d never see any of the shiny cards from Ultra Shiny GX eventually make it to an English release? I’d imagine any set with these cards included would do well. I also can’t imagine the English side looking at Ultra Shiny GX and being like, “nah, that’s okay.”

I’ve been holding out on buying the Japanese cards because I’d like to have them in English but I can only wait for so long. $13 dollars for Shiny Mewtwo on Ebay is so tempting and I wonder what would happen to those prices if we somehow got confirmation that it wasn’t coming in English? My struggles! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive been hoping this set stays exclusive in Japanese. Everyone wants it English, I am glad it hasn’t or it will be forgotten and printed to sh** O.o

I decided to change the title of this thread as it’s starting to seem more likely that it’s not going to be GX Ultra Shiny English release. Let’s wait and see what it turns out to be.

Depends on how much Nintendo America want money.

I would love English Ultra Shiny.
(Sorry everyone who has anything from Japanese USGX)

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baka gaijin