Legendary Shine Collection (7/18)

Legendary Shine CollectionRelease date: 18th July 2015

Another mini set that will contain 27 cards (+ secret rares?) including Hoopa, Pikachu, Arceus, the Latis, Dialga, Regigigas, Reshiram, Black Kyurem and others.

There’ll be 12 commons, 3 uncommons, 10 rares (holos) and 2 double rares.

Each booster pack will contain 4 cards with guaranteed holo. Also there’ll be two types of booster pack’s artwork.
Each booster box will contain 15 packs.

I think that’s all we know so far, I’ll update the thread as soon as we’ll get some new info :sunglasses:

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I’ve been out of the loop for a while - are there many other mini sets like this?

This looks sweet!

Double Crisis was just released.


I know only about two others, but these are older so probably you know about them two:

Shiny Collection - this was part of Legendary Treasures set in English called Radiant Collection and it was separate mini set in Japanese - click
Arceus Movie Commemoration Random Pack - I think this set wasn’t released in English at all - click
And just like nauticads said - Double Crisis was released in January - click


Don’t forget Dragon Vault :wink:


Lost Link might also be considered a “mini-set” with 40 cards.


i’m excited for these mini sets. ‘Concept packs’

I am curious to see if this will be labeled CP2.

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Interesting, i’ll be looking forward to seeing what cards this set will contain :grin:

I love the mini sets. I hope this one is released in English. Southern islands and dragon vault are two of my all time favorite sets!

It’ll be probably released in English along with the XY7 Bandit Ring (I don’t know what’s the English name of this set) - maybe in the same way as Radiant Collection was. I can’t wait to see cards from this set too!

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Southern Islands…now that was a cool set! I remember seeing the artwork for those cards in my Unofficial Pokemon price book back in the 90s and knew I had to have them :blush:

When will we see more info on these new sets? It has been a while…

Well, Japan’s hype focus has been the Rayquaza Mega Battle lately, so now that that has started today, they should be moving on to the new sets pretty soon.

why is it written dummy on the packs in the picture?

Means that the art of the packs isn’t final, it’s just an example :wink:
(I think)

Usually those are the actual pack arts. They put “dummy” on something like a deck box or sleeves where the packaging is not finalized as of yet. It’s on the packs as a formality, more often than not those are the actual artworks.

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