Pokegym buffoon...

So I got reprimanded on Pokegym for “selling under collectibles” or something like that;)

I made a FACETIOUS statement about selling multiple DUTCH Blastoise (immediately after someone else made a crack), as if I have multiple DUTCH language Blastoises lol.
So some nitwit, that seriously needs a girlfriend, lights me up.

Here’s the statement:
The guy says he sold his DUTCH Blastoise for 50.00 and it wasn’t even mint. The next comment soleosnip said he wanted the link because it was “unbelievable”.
Then I said FACETIOUSLY well ill sell you 3 for 20 bucks deal or something like that. Well, any dimwit with half a brain would get the FACETIOUSNESS of that statement but not that mod;)

I think they were just mad because I posted yesterday that UPCCC had a lot of collector activity going on but pokegym was dead and needed to do something to improve it.

Does anybody else feel like they post on that site like they’re walking on eggs? Or do they need to justify their existence by trying to find things to cry about?

Well, at least there’s a place here to vent :wink:

I don’t have much to add, but it is 100% clear from your post that you were simply poking fun at the unbelievable sale price the person was mentioning. It is obvious that you were not trying to sell anything.

Sometimes they need to look into the context a bit instead of slapping on punishment for mentioning “sell” etc, but I can sort of understand where they’re coming from (they do have a job to do, and they’re supposed to discourage selling). Regardless, I think a simple message to you would have sufficed.

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Thanks Jason. At least someone gets me:) I guess I better stay out of the comedian business lol.

Pokegym has never really cared for comedians.

One time a member was chatting about their insurance on their package, and I joked around saying that they should say that they lost something else (I can’t remember what) but then a mod gave me an infraction for promoting illegal activities.


Yes…pokemontrader IS a serious pokemon outlaw. He should be locked in the security back room at the pokemon center;)

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ITT we talk about why our PokeGym infractions are funny.

I got an infraction for deleting most of my sales thread main post because I sold it all and had different items for sale to be put up.

I learn that you have to close the thread and then reopen a new thread for that or else you’ll get an infraction

I’ve had the thread for over a year and it has 8,500 views.
It was only an issue that one time apparently.

yeah the mods rather have you start a new post, then delete/bump your old ones.

You’re missing the point.

I know what they want.
And it is ridiculous.
And out of an entire year of me doing that it was an issue only one time.

The thing is, there is only 2 mods for the entire trading section.
I’m sure that they miss things from time to time.

My favorite was an infraction for “Inappropriate overtones”. The thread has been deleted, but I remember it was about someone talking about furries. They went a bit further than I guess PG wanted it to go, and when I responded I quoted their post. Boom. Infraction.

Yeah, I got an infraction for “quoting profanity”. I mean, seriously? I didn’t even know there was anything profane in what I quoted, and even if I did know, it’s not like my reply was centered on the profanity. Why should I get in trouble for someone else’s breaking of the rules? Tis a bit ridiculous.

The absurdity all filters down from the top. Last time I fingered pokepop for not doing the right thing on the gym and wrote about it here on upccc and on the gym. Scott edited my post here which I didn’t like but there were other battles to fight at the time.
In my opinion, they’ve gotten too comfortable over there and pop, mom and mods don’t do their due diligence prior to their reprimands. This is why everyone has comical stories that illustrates their ineptitude.

I got in trouble for quoting someone and letting them know that they can’t sell yet.
As I was quoting them breaking the rules.

On that subject, what was up with going insane the other day(s) in folks threads? Trying out for a mod position?

Link? :stuck_out_tongue:


I received some menacing PMs from a member, so I will no longer try and let people know that they are breaking the rules.
Instead I’ll just report and everyone will be happy with infractions.