A Fair Warning...

Hey y’all,

I just want to give you guys a heads up on some stuff going on in the Pokemon community.

Do everything you can to stay away from eBay user: dpakmnm.
They are also known as ‘DarkPersian’ on PokeGym.

I’m not completely sure what exactly is going on. I don’t know if they’re pulling our legs because they think it’s funny or if they’re really producing and trying to sell fake Pokemon cards.

I recently received this e-mail from them:
"This is a message from DarkPersian at The PokeGym ( pokegym.net/forums/index.php ). The The PokeGym owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

To email DarkPersian, you can use this online form:

OR, by email:

This is the message:

Stay out of my way we business people we make money from fools like you"

It’s pretty ridiculous to contact me on my personal e-mail… But alas, they think they’re above everyone and they think that their threats actually mean something.

Report any items you see them selling and do not sell any of your items to them.

They were the one who recently put the fake Prerelease Raichu on eBay and they made the fake Hitmonchan/Kangaskhan card.

Just keep a good look out. It would be nice to take this guy down ASAP.

I got pokegym messages from them too. I’ll do what I can to keep an eye out for their garbage.

I hate these things :confused:

Odd enough he did not bother with me …yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job Sammy! I still can’t believe this guy is real.

I guess since pokemon has grown and there is money to be made, this sort of thing exists. It exists in sports cards because of the business end, but I do not remember seeing the amount of counterfeits in pokemon like we see now, especially an entire business like this guy has. There were some back in the original era, but they pretty much disappeared until the last couple years.

He just offered me a the Error Kangaskhan/Hitmonchan Card for $3k.

Nobody wants that Kangascam card!

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This guy is insane… How stupid does he think we are? lol

This is where buyer protection… can’t help buyers now…

Well Right now, I’m in the middle of a charge back case, I’ll let you guys know the result of who wins in the battle of chargeback vs seller protection… It’s really stupid that paypal had to ask me the tracking number when I paid postage thru paypal shipping… If chargeback wins… I hope his buyers can file a chargeback. If not, then they’re out of money.

^^ Are you in a case with DarkPersian??

LOL no… I won 4 packs of 1st edition yugioh cards in a TnT sweepstakes and sold it for $9 on ebay. 3 months later… the buyer filed a chargeback on me. Now paypal is holding my funds and it takes them 30 days for the seller protection to kick in… I hope I get my money back or I’ll be really pissed off if they don’t release my funds.

Would never buy stuff from Austrailia. I’m very paranoid and only buy stuff from only the UK, USA, Canada, and Japan.

And here goes a blanket condemnation of all sellers from Australia.

Just because someone is a scammer from Australia does not mean all sellers are… There are plenty of scammers from everywhere. You just need to be smart about who you buy from/sell to.

Oh… I’m not condemning people from Australia… I have friends from Australia… I just don’t like buying stuff internationally… Like I said… I’m very paranoid… I know scammers from the UK, so I’m limited on buying from UK as well. I just don’t know any trustworthy sellers from Australia.

Even on Ebay… I don’t sell stuff internationally… Not even canada!

There are not many big sellers in Australia but there are a lot of collectors. I have to admit, out of the major countries, I have been scammed by Australian buyers the most, but I know very well that they do not represent the entire country. I have had countless good transactions from every country.

The only country to exercise caution with in general is China. This is because counterfeiting is not perceived the same there as it is in most countries.

With that said, every buyer has the right to shop as they desire. It is up to the person spending where they want to spend their money, for right or for wrong.

Statements like this can easily be misconstrued. Just be mindful that there are members here who are from Australia and who sell on eBay as well. I’m one of them. I work hard to keep my legitimate 100% feedback rating on eBay and I’m proud to say that I am a trustworthy seller. If you don’t know any trustworthy seller from Australia, I’d be pleased to introduce myself to you. I don’t expect to do business with you but it will be a shame to consider every Aussie seller untrustworthy.

Nestor, you are definitely one of the good ones! I think what Eric meant or maybe I just giving him the benefit of the doubt, is that you don’t see many big sellers like you do in the UK or US.

I always assumed it was because of taxes. I know that is why a lot of the European countries cannot run a business unless they are a corporation.

Scott, I’m not particularly concerned about companies or individuals who make their living out of the misery of others. They will eventually pay for their wrongdoings. I’m just protecting collectors and hobbyist from Australia who also happen to sell on eBay or forums like this. Cheers, Nestor.