Pokemonsyndicate thread (moved)

Yes there is a difference. The netherlands guy is malicious. You just have to try and be a bit more patient with your spending. Members here try to help; it is your choice if you want to take their advise.

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I will from now on xD omg bruh, im ruined.

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Not trying to derail the thread too much (so mods, make a new one if you’d rather) but I just have a quick tip!

If you are going into it trying to profit etc… Make sure your starting price is at least what you paid. This will prevent you from being ruined in the future. :blush:

My one accounting prof taught me this: When your expenses generally outweigh your revenues, you have what’s called a hobby. People have hobbies because they love them, not because they get the best return on investment.



Yeah it wasnt to bad one some of the cards. But stuff like lugia. I paid 450usd for and it went for 117 xD BUT I WAS NEVER MENT TO SELL It!!.. DIS only happened because I have some debt to pay. " Some " :wink:

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It hurts to read that Lugia price. :slightly_frowning_face:


Here’s my advice (I know I’ve said this to you over various IG messages and such, but I figure I’ll make it public):

Japanese exs are (at least in my opinion) the hardest ultra rare cards to find in mint condition except for maybe Neo Shinings. 10s are incredibly hard to come by and they should be worth a lot of money. 450 for that Lugia seems a bit high to me but its in the ballpark of what a card like that should be worth. But the collector base for these cards is very small, nobody really focuses on PSA-graded copies of them as a collection goal, at least that I know of. I collect them, @soulwind collects them, I think @pottsinator has some sweet ones, but other than that I don’t know of anyone who avidly collects these.

So putting cards like this up at a 3-day auction is really not the best way to sell them if you want good prices. When you add in the high shipping costs from Australia, it gets even more discouraging to buyers who do see the listings and who don’t want to pay $20 extra for shipping. I know you have no control over that though.

What you get at auction is not the true value of the card. You could probably wait it out and sell maybe one per month at a reasonable price to a collector who is really interested in them. But if you need money that’s a different thing entirely.


you should have consulted with smpratte. You could have bulked shipped it to him. He could list them on his ebay and get a slight cut for helping you out. even if it was an auction, he could have done it much better with better outcome. You haven’t been selling as long so feel free to ask Gary or Scott for advice. There are several others members who are experienced here as well. Take advantage of that.

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Yeah man the feels, there such awesome cards. I did manage to make some private deals on some of them through paypal that this guy from greece wanted which was good. For instance - He was going to buy all 31 for 1200 originally. I wouldnt take it. Then he said he would pay 410 for 6 of dem, and then i took forever to decide. He then said he would gives me 600usd for 12 of the best ones… I couldnt do that either because he literally picked the best ones… THEN HE ENDED UP WINNING Arcanine, Mew, Kyogre, and Groudon alone for crap all lol… So i should have taken the deal from the begining. But dam it lol, it is okay… Cause I just written up invoice for him now to sell to him as follows:






Mr, Mime




= 270






= 120

So I suppose ill end up making alittle bit under 1,000 for all if im not mistaken… This dude from australia is paying soon for mewtwo and that other dude he won entei - for 30 usd :sob: … entei for 30 usd :sob: :sob: :sob: ermerrgeerd.

@hisoka107 Yeah I was talking to smpratte, and was going to ship to him, but I didnt have time unfortunately. :sob:

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Dang man :slightly_frowning_face:

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This is how you package an aus post box/ what ever package @garyis2000 Spend millinz of dollans of stickytape… Don’t ya just love it. :ninja:

Fairwell my precious babies… We will meet again when Im financialy stablingtons :sob: :


Holy crap lol what is in those?

Cant agree more with this.i made a few low bids on cards i thought looked cool and actually didn’t get beaten by all that much and i dont actively collect Japanese. Longer auction time and stirring up some interest for a while would have helped. Also have a think about how u frame ur responses to questions. For example i asked u how much shipping eithin Australia would be and u simply responded with virtually nothing. U need to be more descriptive

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You need to stop putting yourself in bad situations. Never buy with debt. You compounded the fact that you may have overpaid for some of those cards to begin with when you were forced to sell on such short notice, not able to realize what you may have been on a longer time frame. If you are buying right and selling right, you should make a little money any time you flip a card, or at least break even. You shouldn’t lose your shirt every time around. You living in Australia multiplies all this so many times over. A typical US collector has to sell items for about 20% more than they paid to break even, I can’t even imagine what your margins would have to be with your increased shipping and all that. I cringe when I read those Aussie shipping threads.

Being primarily a collector, not a flipper, you really only should buy what you can afford and narrow your goals. If buying a card make sure you are not only happy paying what you bid, but if there is any chance that you may have to sell down the line, really think about what you can expect to get back. If you are buying and holding it isn’t such a big deal as long as you are happy with the price and could afford what you paid. You must realize that life can happen at any time and you may be forced to sell for any numbers of reasons. Your reason was chasing no raritans, so it was self inflicted which kind of makes it even worse. If you know that your collecting goals may have you chasing unicorns/trohpies what have you, be ready to sell things from time to time, but try to build up a bank account and not just constantly be spending yourself dry at all time. Have the cash on hand so you can strike without liquidating.

I am sure you know all this, and I am not trying to be mean, it just is definitely painful to hear about how much you clearly lost in your auctions. It just makes the zardling that much more expensive. Please don’t repeat all of this when the inevitable 10 no raritan blastoisula comes up for thousands of dollans.


Sorry my friend I was watching every auction and I would have bid on more of them if I could have spared the cash and offered to sell them you back at a later point for the same price I won them :slightly_frowning_face: the feels when I see the price of the ho oh and entei :slightly_frowning_face:

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I would actually say in your defense Ben, auctions right now are not the best option. Echoing others input, the best option is a buy it now/make an offer.

To expound further on this point, I remember reading a recent ebay seller newsletter making this same observation. Moreover, with the growth of social media, majority of individuals own a smart phone, it is much more conducive to simply buy something immediately, rather than wait for it to end at a specific time.

I also have personally noticed a change in trends. Before social media, I remember setting alerts to make sure I bid on an auction. The patterns of internet usage were different. Setting that alert meant in a way, “this will be internet time”. Now “internet time” is whenever someone happens to check their phone periodically, and when they do, they would rather just buy in the moment, than wait.

Anyway, that analysis is a bit full on, but hopefully it helps your future decisions.


i think i was a surply and demand issue demand is quite low for these cards and at the same time there was that auction going on for 31 PSA 10 japanese ex’s so if you want these cards more than likly people would save there money and try and win the nig auction rather than a single psa 10 as im sure a 31 card lot of psa 10s doesnt come up very often

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Hope you’re doing well. :blush:

To comment on the EX cards: Japanese cards on the whole have a limited market. As do English cards. Japanese EX cards have an even more limited market despite being rare, aesthetically appealing, and quite nostalgic for many of us. PSA graded EX cards and 1ED cards have an incredibly limited market but these are some of the rarest cards you can own. Booster packs have all but dried up and singles are difficult to find. This creates an interesting dynamic in which the cards are hard to purchase and hard to sell. Consequently it is hard to put an exact price on these cards and nearly impossible for them to sell at their full value via auction.

One of the basic principles of selling is the idea of a “sweet spot” where you’ve waited long enough to receive an ideal offer and not too long where your item has lost value.


I am going to get dem all back off a certain someone from here :nerd_face:

that was my 31 card lot :sob: I did end it and list them individually.

arh should of probs kept it liek that i think would of been beter :blush: