I've decided to sell my Tropical Mega Battle No. 1 Trainer!

Now I just need to find…

…three business partners!


Is this a poorly-timed attempt at friendly humor or a tasteless bash on respected community members because you disagree with their actions?

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The picture with the scissors itself is very humourous :blush: haha!

Wow. “Tasteless bash”? Sounds like somebody took the “fun” out of “funmonkey54”! :wink:

I’m glad the rest of you enjoyed the self-deprecating humor. After all, if we can’t occasionally poke fun at ourselves for our Pokemon obsession, is it worth obsessing over in the first place?

I take this community and mutual respect extremely seriously. The last thing I want is something to be taken the wrong way by tenured, new and prospective members.

It’s not jokes I hate. It’s potential continuation of drama that already resulted in the community losing its most active thread and biggest outside draw.

OK, point taken. I’m sorry if my joke offended anyone else, too.

Glenn, I want to note that I have no hard feelings towards you before, during, or after this. I do separate discontent with jokes/statements/whatever the heck else from how I feel about people. I respect you, your knowledge, and your right to post what you found humorous within the rules and without causing any significant issues. :blush:

And, I like you. You seem like a cool guy. Which is worth more than respect alone, in my opinion.

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Thanks. That means a lot to me. And the feeling is mutual. :blush:

I still think my joke is funny, but I can also see understand some would view it as a fresh hindrance to the reopening of the auctions thread.

Oh, and I guess I should clarify that no, I’m not really selling my TMB. And I’m going to continue to do my best to keep scissors and other sharp objects away from it! :blush:


Dang! I was really interested in the one in the middle. :blush:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Honestly, I was really upset about this joke. It really offended me, and there is still a part of me that is upset about this. But I see your intentions for it as one of those jokes where we just calm down and laugh at ourselves, and I do take it as that kind of joke.

Oh, and the image itself is pretty hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:


Closing that thread was a bigger joke. Whoever made that decision belongs on pokegym. Actions like that is what’s contributing to more people selling due to declining interest.

I didn’t even draw the connection about Glenn’s pic here and honestly, after getting the connection, I don’t find it funny. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny;) Just not to me.

I mean, after all, what’s wrong with people going partners on an item that just one person is priced out of? And what’s wrong with them trying to make a profit off their investment? Now yes, I criticized their auction design and tried to help but that was it.

So…to summarize, Glenn’s pic is fine… The three buyers on the one card is fine… But CENSORSHIP IS NOT :wink:

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Gary, have you ever heard of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, or Anonymous? I feel like you would fit in perfectly with them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m enjoying some really good chocolate milk right now.


I closed that thread. It was not censorship. Things were getting way too out of hand and off topic. If you have any issues with my / the other admins decisions please feel free to PM me anytime.

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Daelum, I truly apologize that you found it offensive. As I’ve mentioned earlier, that was never my intention.

I certainly don’t look down on meaningful partnerships in business. If I did, I would never have been able to publish a single book! I have signed dozens of contracts with artists, authors and other business partners. We all make money together :blush:

I viewed my joke as having two purposes, one serious and the other for giggles:

One, that we should be able to step back and laugh at ourselves every once in a while rather than take ourselves and the hobby too seriously. :relieved:

Second, with the recent spate of trophy cards hitting the market, I could make some quick cash by cutting up my TMB and selling it off in pieces. :grin:


A collector’s wet dream. That’s a really interesting way of putting it. lol.

It’s the perfect market to look at and say “Man, if only I had unlimited money.”

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If I would have said that I would have been banned, censored, tarred, and feathered;)

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If they were that strict about “censoring,” we’d see a lot fewer of your posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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