So my reports are invalid eh?

You get burned if you do.
You get burned if you don’t.

Try to help a neighbour.
Get struck in the back.

There is no benefits to reporting posts.
There is no thank you to be said.

Do you need help?
Sorry not from me anymore.

Note: This isn’t UPCCC


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I can’t go into too many details, I just needed to rant about it.

I speak my mind all the time especially about the lame brained, hairline trigger mods on the gym. They treat everyone as 10 year olds and rule their roost with an iron fist and an empty head.
Now, though we had a problem in the past over a gym dispute, I love Daniel. Yes, at that time I wanted to bury him in our Vegas desert here but he’s made up for everything as far as I’m concerned by truly supporting and promoting the hobby.

I understand your case is usually different pokemontrader. I always liked how most of your efforts are positive cause your only trying to help or assist and are normally well thought out.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to speak your mind because a truly competent manager will view that as info to grow and improve their business on.

It is crazy though…they should be thanking you;)

The mods on the gym aren’t that bad.

They aren’t bad, but when I try to help out, no matter what I do, I get burned.
Like literally I PMed one of the mods, because I was TOLD that I was going to be set up as a forum moderator.
They basically told me, no we don’t need you, you report petty things.



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you got an infraction for reporting them?

Let’s review this…

You post and let people know so they won’t get infractions… You get yelled at.
The mod recommends you to report them so you do that and you get an infraction for it?

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No I got infractions for posting
I got yelled at for reporting.

I wish we can have infractions on UPCCC D: So if @garyis2000 has one, he’ll be hating on here too

but @pokemontrader … I’m using gym for selling/trading only. Nothing more~ Apparently I got an infraction before for being off topic.

Here on upccc they treat us like serious, adult collectors that reside in democratic countries. They accept you being an individual. [REDACTED]

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Mark today…This is the day @garyis2000 got an infraction on UPCCC! lol


My wife is Vietnamese and whoever edited my statement is an idiot :wink:
This is the kind of thing pokegym does. I get edited cause I make a statement in jest about a communist country in comparison to the gym, and some buffoon deletes it.

You’re still the funniest guy on the net my vietnamese brother…

If I remember carefully @garyis2000 didn’t say anything stereotypical… NorthKorea and vietnam are communist country and that’s a fact

That little girl, farrow, needs a boyfriend or something;)

And Elam… Thanks for the back up. Anybody with half a brain would know I’m not being racist especially against my wife’s (and your) race lol. Maybe an English comprehension course is in order here;)

What I said, and was deleted, was pokegym treated their customers like little robots the way communist governments do like in Vietnam. Well even Elam, who IS Vietnamese was surprised that farrow took that comment as being racist.
And if you want to call someone racist or obnoxious then do it to their face, not behind the safety of your keyboard.

Actually I wasn’t suprised. 50% of your post have already been deleted on gym anyways!

I think the word that could help here is “tact.”

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