I Am NOT A Racist

For those of you who read the thread where I was called a racist by a couple people here this is my reply:

I was censored then attacked for being a racist cause I made a comment about pokegym treating customers like little robots much like communist countries like Vietnam do to their people. Now because of that statement I was censored and deemed a racist by fierow, Reina, and an “ass” by Cbd Jason.

I fought against communism in Vietnam during two tours there from 1971-73. I worked there in the 2000s. My wife and her side of the family are all Vietnamese. Well, because of all those things I took offense to Jason’s, reinas, and fairows attacks.
Yes, I got a little carried away and I shouldn’t let them bother me, but I’m not known for rolling over.

I much would have preferred if they would have contacted me through pm and handled it there but they all wanted to make it public so I replied in public. Others contacted me privately and them, I respect.

I apologize to the rest of you that found those exchanges unpleasant especially you new folks;) Its rare to find conflict on upccc unless its disagreements over which is more desireable… The illustrator, the Squarecut no stage blastoise, or the trophy pika set;)

Slight correction. CBD didn’t call you an ass because he thinks you’re racist. He called you an ass because your response to criticism, regardless of your opinion of said criticism, was to bully the individual critical of you.

It is understood that there is a personal aspect involved in it all, but intents should not be muddied by that. Your response wasn’t tactful and when someone reacted negatively (the whole reason we use tact in the first place), you took it personally and lashed out in a personal way.

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Just wanted to clarify that I don’t think you’re a racist in any way.

I was referring to strings of hateful and bullying comments from you over the past months (and there were many). You have never said anything about me so I stayed out of it and was planning to do so indefinitely. Today I rebelled against my self-imposed silence and told you off. It was only relevant to your bullying as Charlie pointed out.

Sorry for dragging this on, and for starting an argument

When someone attacks me or does something I feel is unjust I come back strong but I NEVER initiate the problem. A bully tries to pick a fight like you, Reina, and fiero did. I wouldn’t accept it and rollover so I fought back. That’s not bullying, that’s protecting myself from a bully. Example: you were not a part of any of that conversation but you jumped in and, out of the blue, called me a profane word. So I attacked you back twice as hard. That made YOU the bully cause YOU started it. We would have had no problem had you not called me that obscenity so you started it. You could have contacted me privately like a couple other friends here did or you could have spoken civilly like funmonkey did above but you chose to call me names. That’s what pissed me off. I wanted to reach across the border and strangle you. That’s just how I am…reactive. Not an initiator.

This is going nowhere fast. Lets drop it and get back to the important stuff…Pokemon cards. THREAD LOCKED.