Read my post (#34) for my reply to that. It bothers me that he is insinuating that we are a bunch of crooks who print fake cards to buy “trophies”. What can you do. We have all worked hard between school, part time/full time job and other commitments to EARN what we have in our collections. I do agree that it is uncalled for and believe me…there is no conspiracy. Seems like someone is a little jealous. Anyway, lets try to keep this as civil as possible.

Its funny he thinks those of us on UPCCC are in a counterfeit ring :stuck_out_tongue: I got a chuckle.

Let’s keep this civil. It would seem to me that everyone is entitled to their own opinion including crinus. If you don’t like his posts then just ignore them. No need to continue the flame war over here.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about Crinus’ Warning Level?

This is the place to vent, and with the recent post’s on the gym it is certainly warranted.

And Crinus, the members of this site love to collect which is why they are here. Remember to read this the next time your brain tells you otherwise.

Sigh. You do have a point. You are entitled. I forgot that this place is for venting. But on the other hand you joined here only few days ago and there you are, trashing a fellow upccc collector, starting it. I just found this a little disappointing, especially after your many good posts. But then, you have explicit backing and encouragement from a very experienced upccc admin, and more venting targeted at the members could very well be the way the upccc brass wants this site to go. So go ahead and good luck! The future is bright!

Hahaha I like drama?? I’m not the one who even started the thread. So why did you quote me? At least get that part right. Sir, none of us have ever counterfeited anything and here is why:

1.) We are honest and worked hard for what we have. We are not crooks.
2.) The printers and material cost to produce counterfeits is just money that could have been spent on cards in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:
3.) For me personally, I don’t have the time between college and well an actual job.
4.) it has never even crossed my mind. As a collector I would be very upset if I received a fake, so I would never want to do that to someone else.

You can think it is coincidence all you want, but it does not make it true.

So the Lance’s Charizard I bought from a booster pack, and got Scott to grade, is a FAKE?

YOU UNDERMINER YOU! :open_mouth:

I knew it sounded fishy to get you to grade it for me… ;_;

Hahaha! Our cover is blown! Disperse! …very creative title, thanks for the laugh :blush:

He is at it again!: Pokemon Secret Super Battle NO.2 Trophy Card - YouTube (his comment on top)

This time he is attacking crazyppokemon. Completely ridiculous.

I am 90% sure that user belongs to him, the wwe reference and his argument of being fake the reference tothe two fake card videos on youtube is what he mentioned over on pokebeach. it is him.

I guess nothing will change his mind despite being wrong about everything. Oh well, guess you right we can only ignore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok until now i really dident have a reason to come on this site (Mainly because i wanted to give people there space)but what the hell is with this guy?

its one thing to ask “is this real” when it comes to test cards, the decoration card or even the non holo machamp.
But to keep pestering my trophy card aint real when everyone knows damn well i got it from brian.

When did you guys first noticing him?
I just found out about him today.

And good chance deuce4 is his new gym name.

apparently he was on pokebeach arguing about the same junk saying how the trophies and the illustrators scott and viper plus a few others have had saying they are fake and blah blah blah.he did post on the gym as well for something about it and something about a seller having the pika trophies graded with a horrible company or something.his post on pokebeach somehow is related to some incident with DJ on the gym not so sure about,

Any idea how old he is?

Why is he against trophy cards anyway? Because thanks to the power of social networks and email we can actually track every single trophy card on the planet.

He thinks its suspicious because we know where all of them are.

Does anyone know if he lost at a tournament which is why instead of getting over at his loss he now just hates trophy cards? ;D

Just because you dont understand something does not mean “Hate” it.

How early was his ways first detected?
is this fairly new or has this been going on for months now?

not sure really i’ve recently saw his posts on beach about it.but i would say about a couple weeks now more or less.who knows how old this person is just the fact that DJ said his channel is CoD player just makes me lol that hes one of those fools who needs to get a reality check instead of raging on CoD cause hes getting owned.who really knows whats the deal is

Dear god how bad is he for scott to rather deal with me than him. :thinking:

@reina- I agree. I think everyone took it too personaly…including myself. I think this has run its course. Can a mod please lock this before it gets more out of hand?

It was not me who put his info up.It was pokegym.

This topic is here for a reason.
Because hes only going to get worse.

Should i even bother blocking him on youtube…i mean whats the point right?

I guess im gonna have to set it to where comments only show up when i approve them to be public on youtube.
Maybe that will work a little.