Pikachu on the Ball Release Information (NOV 22')

So I wanted to get some more information about this release. The release recently and not the one that happened 2 years ago with the kids event. I know this release was given away after spending 15 pounds or more at any GAME store in the UK, but I am getting some information that they have run through their stock in about 4 days. I have contacted other Ebay sellers and the consensus is that they are out of this print of pikachu on the ball. This is surprising to me since these give-aways (in the USA anyway) usually have enough supply for weeks and maybe a month before running out. Kind of unusual for a release now a days anyway.

Has anyone else heard about anything like this for this promotion?

Basic Information about This release: Pikachu on the Ball Will Be Available in Game UK Stores | PokeGuardian | We Bring You the Latest Pokémon TCG News Every Day!


I have 3 theories on why they ran out personally.

  1. they were giving out 2 per order when I think the intention was to give 1. You’d buy the ‘blister pack + free Pikachu promo’ item and another free promo would be added to cart. This doesn’t really make sense when you think about it, but they were honouring the orders. So I think people got twice as many promos as they should have.

  2. Because of the above reason, buying the blister packs was an insanely good value, with no order limits. If you dumped the 4 packs as an art set on auction you’d probably get like £10 after fees, so you’re looking at £5 for an extremely popular and liquid card that’s selling in droves for £15-20 right now. It’s a no brainer. With GAME having no order limits and making it really easy to checkout, people were placing tons of orders. Why would you not do 20-30 orders when it’s the easiest flip ever?

  3. I also heard about a bug with preorders, where you’d place a preorder then cancel immediately and theyd just send you the promo. I’m not in any big stonk discords so if I heard about this then I’m sure hundreds have. A friend of mine used this to get 100 pikachus himself, so even though I haven’t seen the bug in action myself, I believe it’s real.


Theres so many listed on ebay that card has been ruined.

I mean… just look at Special Delivery Charizard… How many listings were of that card? And what price point is it at now? Not 2 cents I’ll tell you lol. It just comes down to Supply/Demand of a card. Yes there is a good bit of it out there… but what is the demand like? Exclusive UK Art with Pikachu playing soccer which was sold for 4 days. My bet is that this has long term opportunity.

It cant bottom out much more its 1 percent of its max lol.

Also from a little birdy I heard a pretty big Whale in the hobby bought 100 sealed packs Yesterday :eyes:

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You can still order off the GAME website it seems…

Each item is limited to 1 though… [correction 1 per order].


Really? All the people I talked to said it was sold out. Anyway, thanks for the info!

I believe someone purchased this card FOMO for £3K before it became common/easy to get for £20.

Based on the eBay results this card/set although “exclusive” is quite common now to get and isn’t worth the attention it first got.

Wonder what the future holds for “exclusively” released cards for school kids. I believe all the adults were scrambling to get this card…


I’m one of those Americans that loves hating soccer and I wasn’t going to buy this but it’s too cute. Purchased.

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I hope Pokemon pulls this kind of stunt more frequently.

If you have the original version it’s worth keeping that one sealed. The promo backing card has the ‘2020’ copyright and is printed in the USA.

These new cards have inserts marked 2022 and are printed in Belgium. The cards themselves are identical though in copyright year.

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Negative, the ones I bought are marked 2020

He means on the white cardboard on the back. Turn it over.

Oh lol, but if I open it up “Poof” made in 2020 first wave xD

Is that time travelling? Lol

“The cards themselves are identical though in copyright year.” - as stated in my original post.

The white insert is where the difference is. As PSA grade promos in wrappers it could be worth doing if someone wanted to I guess.

Definitely the way to go.

But is there really a buyer for that? I don’t really understand picking petals with this kind of stuff. ESPECIALLY with 99% of collectors will take this card and grade it outside of the plastic. I see this as completely worthless information in terms of Value. There is NO WAY the average buyer/collector is going to value the white blank card behind their Pikachu on the Ball.
I could be wrong, but I see this as the aftermath of people trying to justify their 2K purchase of a card that was later released and valued at $20 :man_shrugging:

Im off buying up the first printings now.

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