Pick ups

So much to do, so many items to take photos of,
Heres a sneak peak into my most recent purchases :slightly_smiling_face:

Ill update this thread as soon as i finish re-sleeving another 2000 cards :face_with_spiral_eyes:



Strong man! Wonderful pieces of art you have there…Congratz :wink:

Give those beauties a close up

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Some beautiful cards/products!

Looking forward to seeing more :blush:

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Looks like you pulled the trigger, well done!

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as you do have a couple of 1000 worth of stuff lovely collection through

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-looks at title-

-glances at pictures-

Trophy card? What trophy card?

-does a double take-



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Thanks ! :grin:

Yeh i couldn’t let it out my sight, not sure if i want to risk something happening to it by sending it from the UK to get graded, id use ludkinscollectables of course :sweat:

lol it took me a while to realize the khan was in the photo, sweet pick up. Get it slabed up

SPOILER: Click to show


sweet cards! well done! gotta give those base blisters some love, love those! and they look so nice as well!

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Woah sweet introduction, by the way where’d you get the perfect fit sleeves for the blisters, they look nice!

Would it be safe to post photos of several thousand £££ worth of PSA submission cards I’m sending in to get graded ?

Should I just wait for them to return and be in my safe hands and then post photos ?

Thanks :blush:

Of course you’ll show all cards to us before submitting them to PSA. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow those are two dam expensive photo’s lol

and than Khan video cracked me up… hahaha

What khan video ? :blush:

Tristan’s comment above lol… i had no idea what it was about… until i put it together.

Ah ok :grin:

Im just being cautios, since they won’t be in my posetion I didn’t want to advertise what I own.

Here are the 75 cards I’m going to send in, this is my first submission :blush:


Very Nice, good luck on your grades :blush: