Went through my collection

Was sorting out my collection - moving things and storing them a bit better as it was all getting a bit cramped! Thought i’d take a few pictures…didn’t quite realise how many cards I had…!

Few photos

1st Edition Chinese Base Box

more to follow…



Complete Vending set


Beautiful stuff…

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…some of my PSAs

Teach set


Unsure of origin of this…a miniature card

Do have Misty too…

Illustrator set

Love this set

JR Rally Jumbo Set


Some sealed cards

Also have various sealed 1st ed Booster Boxes, and countless other cards from sets/promos/etc etc




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Wait what’s the yellowish stamp on that one jigglypuff card? I’ve only seen the black star version before :open_mouth:


Holy cow. What an epic collection!

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Uhh…i’ll be honest I have no idea. I have a Pikachu that’s the same though - I don’t even remember getting them lol :blush:

This collection is incredible!

You don’t happen to have a spare of this promo

or the Melee Scramble Pikachu do you?

Super jealous of a lot of the cards you’ve got, this must have taken quite some time to build up.


Could I see a picture of the Pikachu?

double edit:
Is the Pikachu/Jigglypuff the grey star ones with yellow text? I looked at the picture a bit larger and that’s what it looked like. If that’s what it is I don’t need to see a picture of the pikachu

I saw, it’s the one I still need X)

Guessing you’re not trading/selling that either? Haha.

Anywho - quite impressive. I’ve never seen so many sealed things in one place.

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:open_mouth: Amazing! I had no clue you had such cards…University Magikarp, Trophy Khan, PSA 10 SSB No. 1, TMB Phone Cards…insane :blush:


Lovely collection man, motivating me to take a load of photos of mine!

Good god… It’s gorgeous.

Haha nice ! You know its beyond Out of control when you are “moving a few things around” and don’t exactly realize everything you have accumulated :blush:


Awesome stuff, never heard of Scramble secret rares that is cool bulba says approx. 100 copies each

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Well, that was…Onixpected.


WHo would of thought a thing 1 could own such greatness xD

Give me the khan now.

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You have good taste with booster boxes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not thing 1…I’m neutral :stuck_out_tongue: