theeucollector's collection | SSB No. 1 Update!

Okay…where to start

I’m not going to post each card individually but I thought I might as well post up a pic of my collection…basically I have every Japanese Promo and most English promos, many sealed items and PSA Cards (in my sig) Here’s a pic of them all lol

You should spread them out on a bed or something, just in groups to save time but in such a way that a better idea of what you’ve really got is given.

Or make a video! I don’t mind hour long videos of collections! :grin:

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Ahhh maybe one day! I don’t like pulling them about too much (I have OCD, not a joke) :blush:

Haha, sounds like a condition that could greatly motivate you to finish sets, but keep you from handling them afterward!

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I have 99% of the completed English Promo… but I am impress with your collection and want to see more!

Every promo? You also have the SSB, TMB, Batlle road no.1/2/3 trainers, trophy khan? :open_mouth:

Noooo. Every promo that is easier to obtain than the main trophies. But yeah I do have the Khan PSA 9. :blush:

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What about the 2001 tropical wind. :blush:

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Aha. I think? I have that one and I definitely have the 1999 somewhere lol :blush:

I also didn’t know that I had the Gyrados 2000 and the Celebi New Year Present cards…! Don’t even remember buying them :nerd_face:

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It is a card you would know you have. :blush: it is the most difficult wind to track down. Trophy khans, Uni karps and even no.1,2,3 trainers appear more frequently.

Either way, you have a nice stash there!

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I’m aiming for a collection like that, limiting myself to the normal promos, ones that had a printing of 999 or more. Would love to see a video of your collection.

Thanks - for me the fun is in the chase for the cards! Collecting the lesser valuable promos is just as satisfying as collecting the super rares - each Promo has a cool story behind it’s release (IMO) :blush:

even the jumbos from araceus illustration set???

Yeah, do you have all the Jumbos?

Yup - I have pretty much every jumbo - my latest purchase was the BEAMS Jumbos and the JR Rally Jumbo set from 2011 (I think)

even the promotional jumbo sized arceus illustrator set jumbos all 9 ?

Can we see your jumbo pics?

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how much would you value this set

Fantastic collection!

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Not a huge update but I got a sealed Trainers Mag Vol. 21 with the Imakuni Whismur/Loudred/Exploud ex cards inside! I found it difficult getting the cards unsealed so I couldn’t resist getting a sealed one!