Got my 1st Trainer Trophy Card!

Hi guys ,

I just got my first numbered trainer trophy card from the World Challenge in 2000. According to the POP report this is the only card graded so far and I am super proud to have this. An unbelievable feeling to have something like this in hand.

Full Resolution :blush:


Conrgatulations! That is a huge accomplishment. These are once in a lifetime items! :blush:


Hi, epic congratulations! I think the POP report shows it as the only copy because it’s mislabeled as a WC SSB instead of a WC TMB. But let me tell you something else, POP reports don’t matter one bit when it comes to Trophy cards! Just enjoy it as is.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You can’t get something like that without earning it. Take it all in :grin:


Congrats! Trophy cards are love, trophy cards are life


Huge congrats, it an amazing piece :blush:


Congrats… Enjoy it - it’s a beaut!


Huge congratulations! Idk why but I’m so excited for you! That’s an amazing accomplishment.



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Congrats! Too bad its not a Super Secret Battle, I know about it now.

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Congratulations @ivory90, that is simply a beautiful card and quite the accomplishment!

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This copy is labeled correctly by PSA and it is the SSB category for the World Challenge event.

SSB and TMB are just different categories to differentiate age groups. TMB for the elementary competitors and SSB for the high school competitors. The same is true for the 1999 Challenge Road event where the trophy cards are the eggexcutor and mewtwo. The 1999 TMB was for elementary players and the 1999 SSB for high school players.

That’s why you see all the players/competitors who attended the Hawaii TMB to be very young kids.

Anyway, congrats on the acquisition OP, having the winners name and location on the card is provenance enough that this isn’t an extra no name copy floating around.


Woah…what a beautiful card! Congratulations! So what’s next for you?

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I am desperately searching for a trophy Kangaskhan at the moment. There was one on eBay PSA 7 for 20k with offer but at the moment only Gem Mints are available (outside my price range) but I will not give up :blush:

Ah wow, great info as usual chok! Then how does one go about determining if the competitor was in the TMB or SSB age division. Do you have to look up his/her name and cross-reference to be sure or is there another more obvious way to tell them apart?

@melchior you can determine whether it’s TMB or SSB by looking at the text. I’ve attached below a no. 3 TMB (top) and a no. 1 SSB(bottom). Placing isnt important but what is important is the wording in the brackets. The word before the middle dot within the brackets is ‘World Challenge’ and after the dot it’s either ‘Tropical Mega Battle’(top) or ‘Secret Super Battle’ (bottom).

You can reference the Tropical Wind card and it will have the same characters for the word ‘Tropical’.


Oh wow, that’s embarrassing. I was so blinded by the art and the name on top that I didn’t check the text. The worst part is I actually know how to read Katakana and the top card indeed reads “to-ro-pi-ka-ru me-ga ba-to-ru”. Maybe I should actually try opening my eyes haha. So much in the same way as the 98 Pika Trophies, one has to check the text. Thanks for doing that for me, chok!

Happy to see you on the forum man! I was the one that actually sold you this card. That feeling of getting your first numbered trophy card is like nothing else. I wish you luck with your trophy hunting and looking forward to see what you add next!


Wow. That’s a HUGE PC Card. Congrats on that one!

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Whoa! Amazing!!! Congratulations!

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