Collector's Cache 2008 No. 1 Trainer sold?!

I just realized they sold the 2008 Worlds No. 1 Trainer… Does anyone on here know who the lucky man/woman ist?

Hi poke-geri,

I will confess now. I bought the card to add to my kid’s collection. Before buying, I was alerted to the history of the card but at the end decided to buy it not just to get it off CC and keep the card in our community, but mainly because the card really looks beautiful. I haven’t received the card yet (still making its way to Australia) but I promise to post something to the forums about how I came to add the card to our collection.


That is fantastic news! So happy it’s out of CC’s hands and into those of a fine collector like yourself.

Another card is saved beyond the malicious threshold of Collector’s Cache!


justjinkee earned 3000 EXP!

Thanks for the very encouraging words.

Talking to a member of our community and reading the previous thread about this particular card, I got the feeling that buying the card would be the right thing to do.

That’s one lucky kid. Congrats on the new card!

Wow Nestor thats amazing! Congratulations! It is definitely an amazing card… Your kids must be really happy with you as father :blush:

Hahaha you better be getting several “worlds best dad” coffee mugs!!

I think they’re just happy to collect Pokemon cards. Specially the trophy card variety. LOL! :slight_smile:

Coffee mugs with Pokemon designs would be great. :slight_smile:

Hope it arrives to you soon Nestor!

Thanks DJ.
I think I will “blame” you for your video on trophy cards and Scott’s article on English Pika’s for getting me interested in this card. I wasn’t planning on buying this card until I saw you video. Your English Pika did the trick! :blush:

Hi Scott,
Should get it tomorrow. Thanks mate. :wink:

Thats pretty cool… which means we have:
1 full World Championship set (not the same year)
2 full SSB
3 full Pika Trophy sets
1 full TMB set

plus an additional SSB no. 1 and Pika No. 1 as well as 2 Illustrators

UPCCC rules the world (at least the Pokemon-World) :grin:

Please believe! A PSA 10 2002 set at that!

I can also confirm this – in their original folders, no less :wink: