New additions!

After a month of waiting and paying it off my No.1 Trainer has finally arrived…along with a few other things this month :blush: I will probably end up getting it graded when I have the extra cash once I pay for school :confused:

Its about time I got that card book.

Yes! Awesome Mike! The No. 1 looks great and that book you will read at least 1,000 times.

Thanks Scott! I flipped through it countless times already. I pretty much would like to have everything in it. There was stuff I never even have seen before :blush:

I know! The page with the snap prize cards was new to me when I first got that book. They also have a page with GB promos but I do not think they are real. :confused: But just the illustrations in there from the 90’s are so cool!

@mkpokecc - Congratulations, Mike! Your new additions are spectacular! :blush:

I have a general public inquiry…

Why is there no bronze award for the [2006 - 2007 Victory Medal (Pikachu)]?

No.1 Trainer, very nice! :blush:

@scott: I know! I saw those GB cards…do you know what that page says? Im pretty sure they were not made but they do have “scans” of them in that book. I really want the SSB Medallions they gave out…particularly the third place one :wink:

@unique: Thanks! I think that’s the 3rd (4th if you count Scott’s duplicate) to be owned by people on this forum!

Thanks Becky!!!

I would like a no.2 trainer just to say I have a 1,2,3 (I know they would be all different :stuck_out_tongue:) but I think my trophy buying has truly come to a halt with school coming up in a couple months :confused:

@mkpokecc - It is kind of hilarious to think that three of us own a [No. 1 2002 Battle Road Trophy] Card x)


What page in the book are you guys on about? Argh, I need to have time to read it… Can’t wait till October…

@unique: What are the chances of three owners being on the same forum? :stuck_out_tongue:
@viper: I can’t wait to see these pages translated and finally clear up any rumors!
@dogma: Page 145 and 146 that show real images of cards featured in the gameboy TCG game.

My god I would LOVE a translation to the book! Will have a look through the book after the tennis is over

@mkpokecc - 1/8192 :wink:

Hahaha where did you come up with that number??

Ahhh Okay! well that sounds about right! :blush:

Quick little update :blush: I just got my card back from PSA and it somehow revived a 10. Not sure how that happened but I’ll take it! Even though I clearly wrote summer on my submission sheet, they still certified it as from the spring battle road…which is wrong. Anyway on a side note should the card have a little movement inside the case?? My SSB does not.

Congrats on getting a 10 but correct me if im wrong but if this was the one brian sold im sure he said something about a surface scratch on the card and you got a 10 with it

PSA must have missed it or do surface scratches dont affect the grade?

PSA is notoriously crap with Pokémon cards. Get your trophies graded for the protection, not the number.

@m786ali - PSA likely missed that detail. Brian could have simply been overcritical of his analysis, too.

@mkpokecc - Congratulations!!

I believe it is not supposed to have movement. I have a PSA card with very slight movement inside its case, too. I think if the movement is incredibly tiny, it probably isn’t a concern :blush:

@m786ali - Yes the card does have a small surface scratch on the face but only is visible when tilted left at the correct angle. I doubt PSA missed it and here is why :" A PSA Gem Mint 10 card is a virtually perfect card. Attributes include four perfectly sharp corners, sharp focus and full original gloss. A PSA Gem Mint 10 card must be free of staining of any kind, but an allowance may be made for a slight printing imperfection, if it doesn’t impair the overall appeal of the card." Since the the card is in such great shape everywhere else i’m guessing they made that allowance.

@dogma - Technically no card is perfect, all have errors. Since there multiple people grading the cards and everyone’s definition of perfection is different. The grading consistency is bound to vary slightly. I’m not sure as to go as far as calling it crap on the grading and protection aspect…but definitely on their research aspect…its from the summer battle road damnit!! :confused:

@unique Username - Thank you :blush: Brian did make it sound a little worse than it actually was. It only becomes possible to really see it once removed from it’s case. Anyway, I did a little research and it seems that there is supposed to be some slight movement. My theory as to why the ssb doesn’t move is due to the holo layer adding a minute amount of thickness?, or just the way it was sealed.

I have Just got some new additions and I have been holding off until they all came in…and I got more of my cards graded as well :blush: The Kamex computer error graded a 9 but I don’t have scans of it yet.