Most recently completed binder page

I’ve had a gander trying to find a previous topic with this theme but came up donuts. Sorry if there is/was a topic that covered this.

I’m about as green as it comes to collecting (confused a Chinese grading company BCTC to Beckett when purchasing a bunch of 9.5 slabs) and have never had a binder collection.

Fortunately found E4 and have since started binder collecting as a way to lower the impact on my wallet, have a place for cool artworks I like, as well as build a focus on the slabs I collect being things I truly value.

This is my first ever completed binder page. It isn’t set based, just the art I like, although it is a species page.

Quite possibly this will become a place I yell into the abyss as I fill pages frantically although hopefully others that are collecting with binders enjoy showing off their progress, one page at a time.


Really fun idea! I’ve recently gotten more into binders because of the flexebility it offers, really fun to re-arrange and move around cards to get the Perfect Page.

I just started a new one and this page features some of my favourite vending cards.


I’ve got a few of these cards in my cart so it’s awesome to see them on one page together!

Do you order them in any particular way or just when it arrives it’s the next one in?

Nice, they really are timeless classics!

This first page is just my favourites so no real order, on my other vending pages I have them grouped by artist.


These are my two most recently completed :slight_smile:
Lots more in the works, but having a tough time sourcing cards lately… What I’m looking for seems to either be unavailable or at too high a price :sweat_smile:


The full binder page of Nidoking looks so good!

I’ve really got to fill a single page with one card, however, it’s not easy finding a seller with multiples over here.


Every nidoking on that page is a little different :wink: some where easy to find, others took a little more digging. I believe I have every variant of that artwork (grass type). If I missed any, someone let me know!

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You are missing the UK 1999-2000 variant :slight_smile: also, i’ll share some of my most recently completed pages soon, a fun thread concept!

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I really enjoy that aswell. These are two of the best modern regular V cards imo, I added them yesterday. Just stellar artwork and two of the coolest mons.


Awesome! Hopefully a goal I can complete fairly quickly as something just hits different seeing a full page.

The Mews are such good choices.

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Not exactly completed recently but i did move those cards from an older binder into a new one


This is a page from the non staff prerelease binder, i thought i had more filled pages but a lot are just missing one so this is what ill share for now.

Revavroom was the last one for this page


Currenty ~75% done with a 1st, Shadowless, Unlimited, 1999-2000 master set binder.


Just remembered i got Elesa’s Sparkle Reverse from Vstar today and actually finished this recently :smile:


Filled in a toys r us page today after getting the vulpix. A few more to go and that set is complete. Definitely could upgrade electabuzz but he was practically free so i dont mind.


When you’re doing a huge collection like this are you concerned about condition or just trying to get the cards?

For my personal binder I want the cards to be as fresh as they can be. When I’m hunting for cards I’m not looking for dead ringers PSA 10 contender cards but cards that have a great binder appearance and don’t exhibit any flaws, or as little as possible, on the front of the card. Luckily so far, aside from the holos and some 1st editions, I have pulled all the cards from theme decks or booster boxes. The 1st editions are mainly the cards that I take my time on and hunt for the right condition/price since I don’t have inventory of sealed packs or boxes :frowning: .

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This is the only issue I’m currently having, as buying decent quality cards isn’t easy for a decent price.

I assume it would be slightly easier in countries with constant card shows but buying online and needing to trust the seller hasn’t worked in my favour to date.

I guess part of the fun is finding hidden gems so can’t complain too much.

If feasible in your country, I would recommend buying lower graded cards and crack them out for your binder. I’ve cracked everything from PSA and CGC 6-10 before. A lot of deals can be had, as grades under PSA/CGC 9 can often sell for less than raw NM prices (depending on the card, set, popularity, etc.).

This is something I’d be more than happy to do, but it’s hard to find anything graded under an 8 in China on the apps, and the 8s are typically overpriced by 50% so it just doesn’t seem fiscally responsible.

I’ll be heading to Japan in July so will hopefully be able to fill out the binder during that trip and have a few months to research and decide what I’d love to collect.

Unfortunately I have very itchy fingers and patience isn’t a virtue I was bestowed with.

Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated :pray:

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