Metal Dialga EX Full Art Phantom Forces/Gate (secret rare?)

I was curious about this card. There isn’t much info about it, and I was wondering if it’s a secret rare in the phantom forces set or just a part of the Hyper Metal Chains deck because it is card 19/18. Im confused… any help would be appreciated :blush:

It’s a SR.
You may/may not get one in your deck. :blush:

Oh ok :blush:. Can you pull it from a booster box? Or is it only in the deck? Sorry if that’s a dumb question haha

Only in the deck

damn. thats pretty cool though

It is, but buying multiple decks is just… Well wrong. That means the ex and other cards of the deck will go cheap.

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Will be interesting to see what the pull rate is.

Is it not included in every deck?

That is what is being said here.

That’d be cool if they only made like 6 of them and it’d be like finding a golden ticket in a wonka bar


Yeah! That would be cool!

They are not included in every deck. Otherwise, what kind of “Secret Rare” would that be?
My assumption is because decks come in packages of 6 to wholesalers that 1 in 6 will have this card.

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Figuring around similar to the Kyurem Secret Rare from Dragon Vault.

but at least those were packs. This is just mean.

Think about if english did this with their theme decks. I felt terrible wasting money on three PLF Glaceon theme decks. (I was trying to replace a deoxys coin I sold at worlds. APPARENTLY, theme decks get packaged with different coins in later print runs. I bought two that had the yellow back silver pikachu.)

Yeah true. I have always thought that Theme Decks weren’t collectible at all, these days at least.

From a business standpoint they don’t make a lot of money on the theme decks so if they did add SRs to them, more people would buy!

Wonder what the pull rate is for one of these dialga? Any ideas?

Confirmation that Dialga isn’t in every deck.

I love distribution that forces people to buy lots of undesirable product. Makes it much more valuable in the long run!

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Any for sale yet? Havnt found any on eBay