Umbreon hyper rare

I think people/collectors/investors do not fully realize how nice these cards look (I have the Japanese version which I find even more asethetically pleasing due to the beautiful Japanese characters over English writing on the cards)… collectors I think are missing out on a really nice card(s) here because I have not found any pictures or videos of any hyper rares that due them justice. When you hold one in your hands you want more of them, you can see and feel the value and unique nature of the card. Also they seemed to have been a tougher pull in the Japanese set over the English set if I am not mistaken. Any thoughts? I have seen a lot of nice cards but I am very particular and this card seems special with the rainbow foil and it being a first release of the GX cards… I find it much more visually appealing than the ultra ball but I do understand why people like the ultra ball so much and why it’s so much more on the secondary market(overall playability).


I think it’s always nice to discuss the particulars of a particular card and break it down a little more… nothing more not less here… away from the WOTC stuff. HR caught my attention from all the newer product I have seen released the past few years. Do folks put them up there with gold stars and shining cards as far as value in the future?

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I personally like the GX cards more than the previous EX cards. The art, style and/or holo design is better IMO.

Comparing them to Gold Star cards would be premature at this point. People still need to flesh out the exact pull rate for HR/SR cards. Also the play-ability angle will determine future popularity and value. For me it is difficult to replicate Gold Star cards. They have become the “Gold” standard for modern set cards. There really hasn’t been a comparable set card since their release.


I think the hyper rare cards will become as valuable as gold star cards are now, but it will take many years of them being out of print since they will heavily printed due to the success of Evolutions and Generations. The Gold Star cards were the first time that the Pokemon art came out of the box, just like how this is the first time that these cards have this rainbow effect/style on them.

From the 5 boxes that I have seen being opened, the average pull rate is about 1 in 40 packs. I hope that I am wrong and that the cards are much rarer.


From what I’ve seen for box openings the pull rates are pretty solidified around:

  • 3-4 Regular GX
  • 1 Regular GX or 1 Full Art
  • 1 Full Art GX
  • 1 Secret Rare

In the Japanese boxes the pull ratios were more difficult at the pack ratio level. You only got 3-4 TOTAL insert/GX cards per box with the maximum of 1 (ultra rare/full art/hyper/secret rare) per box. I have been pondering the idea that perhaps pokemon wanted to make the hyper rares more easily obtainable in the English set, (it definitely appears that way(I could be very wrong; this is all speculation based on observation of box breaks on YouTube and my experience with a few Japanese boxes)). But perhaps the English hyper rares are “not so rare” so to say…? Maybe Pokémon is underestimating/overcompensating the desire for rarity by the average collector and catering to the wants of the competitive (all levels) players…? I don’t know just a thought that has been hovering in my head when I think about hyper rares, rarity and pokemons objectives when they release new boosters in 2017 and beyond… thoughts? Feedback?

I personally prefer the Ultra Rare instead of the Secret/Hyper Rare.

¢2:The Secret/Hyper rare Pokémon are lackluster and bland. The Ultra Rare cards emphasize the Pokémon’s color and shape which looks great with the Platinum background. Secret/Hyper rares remind me of the “Pearl Version” Mega Mewtwo figures that came out last year inside there respective boxes, simple too simple. I cannot look at the Secret/Hyper rares without thinking of rainbow road from Mario Kart.

Doesn’t mean I’m not getting a SR/HR Charizard when it releases :smirk::nerd_face:


I think the average collector wants something really rare and really ridiculously good looking. I think they are trying to find that balance right now without upsetting too many people in the process by making cards too difficult/easy to obtain. I think this market niche has the most POTENTIAL for added growth for investors and collectors, as the market for rare English/Japanese cards(I imagine to be…) larger than most other niches you will find in this particular hobby of pokemon cards.

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I’m not an expert in any way (I leave that to the founder of this great site and his awesome informative videos). Just sharing my thoughts and perspectives on pokemon collecting and hoping to hear others thoughts.

Aren’t JP boxes like half as many cards and half the price of US boxes? Or something along those lines.

I was trying to figure that math out but more or less 2.2 Japanese boxes equal approximately 1 English box when it comes to card quantity… not sure, but I think it’s some number like that?

I would definitely agree they are better in the hand than pictures or video.

I also think that regular GX cards have a better Holo pattern and an overall better layout than EX cards.

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Japanese Set Booster Box = 30packs x 5cards = 150 cards.

Japanese Sub Set = 20packs x 5cards = 100 cards.

English Booster Box = 36packs x 10 cards = 360 cards. (Sun and Moon is 396 cards due to basic energy)

Overall 2.4-3.6 Japanese booster boxes = English Booster Box.

So with math given the pull rates I mentioned for English cards the JP pull rates are pretty similar or possibly even better for the less rare cards?

What do y’all think about these possible pull ratios? If we look at it as 1 in every 2 boxes for a hyper rare then that would make it about 1 in every 4-5 boxes in Japanese base set for the hyper rares. Some say 1 in every case even… also Japanese version is slightly more expensive if you calculate cost of each card(I think? I am not the best at these numbers…)…

That is interesting how gold stars have become the card that’s cards are measured up against… what about shining? Have they lost some of their “star power”(no pun intended), due to gold stars? I saw your newest video from today smpratte, loved it, one of your best IMHO. Insight you provide is priceless and very much appreciated cuz you don’t have to do it, but your passion “shines” through…(again, no pun intended).

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Shinings aren’t considered modern set cards, which is why the gold stars are used as the ‘gold standard’ for modern cards

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