List of Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Cards

UPDATE 18/5/23 - Series Two is nearly complete, please let us know if you spot any errors in the spreadsheets. Also added a link for a video of a complete Series One set!

Thought it would be useful to share here also. This spreadsheet will be updated regularly with each new Series of Prize Packs.

View here: Play! Pokémon Prize Packs - Set Lists - Google Sheets

Jacob Quinn’s Series One Collection (video)

All cards listed are the same as their original versions, the only differences is the “Play! Pokémon” stamp as seen on the below images, and some have an additional full-holo variant (ones ticked with “Holo?” on the spreadsheet). You get six cards (and a PTCGO code card) in each pack, with two of the six cards being holo. There is roughly a one in five chance to get a V/VMAX in your pack, with a small chance for both holos to be a V/VMAX.

Series One booster packs were first distributed to sanctioned Play! Pokémon Leagues in November, 2022, with each store getting a box of around 180 of these booster packs. These packs are NOT FOR SALE separately anywhere (stores could get sanctioning taken away if they sold them), and the Pokémon Leagues decided themselves how they were given out (League attendance, extra tournament prizing etc).

Series One contains cards and promo cards released from expansions between SWSH Base Set and Evolving Skies. A new Series of packs (Series Two, Series Three etc) is due to be released every six months from February 2023 onwards.

See here for the original announcement:


I guess Vmax cards do exist. Not mine but when I saw someone talking about it I had to ask for a photo. Didnt see it on confirmed on the master list yet and I havent gotten an answer if its textured or not but it looks like it is.

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Suicune V missing from the list - one of my friends pulled this last week!

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Thank you very much for this list, very useful. :slight_smile:

Has anyone spotted any Mew cards or trainers with Mew in it in the wild? I’d love to know. Thanks ^^!

Nope - Mew V & VMAX from Fusion Strike and Mew from Celebrations are extremely likely for Series Two packs in February though.

Only Mew from the early SWSH era was the Mew V from DAA and it didn’t see any play.

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Thanks a ton for setting this up!

So far, just the (expected) EVS Pumpkaboo for my Yuka Morii collection. I hope its two variants won’t be too much of a pain to acquire.

Here’s hoping there’s a Starmie in one of these so @stagecoach can share in my suffering.

gib starmy

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I know basically nothing about what’s playable and what’s not, are all the cards from the list cards that actually saw some play use or are there some that pokemon just thinks were good? Just wondering what the future cards included might be and if we can already narrow down future set listsn(and ofc thinking if grimer and muk from brilliant stars are possibly included, don’t know if they were playable or not)

I believe it’s supposed to be playable cards that saw at least a decent amount of play or just popular cards. At least that’s what I think I saw when these were announced.

Very unlikely that Muk will be included as I’ve never seen it played in any deck.

THANK YOU all for your contributions. Currently sitting at 214 total cards (including holos). Craziest thing is that there are currently 53 different V/VMAX Pokemon confirmed (stilling waiting to see Pikachu V and Umbreon VMAX are included).

With the low pull rates (one V/VMAX every 5 packs on average), it’s going to be VERY tough to get a master set of these. Have to bare in mind that most players (majority of people receiving these packs) aren’t used to selling their cards quickly (or at all in some cases), and some of the more popular Pokemon will appear only sporadically on eBay and such.


Thank you for making the list.

Given that the Series 2 pack artwork has Umbreon on it, I’d expect Umbreon VMAX to come in Series 2.

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BST Bruno can be put on the list too - it’s the first card in both of the packs featured in the only two pack openings I found on YouTube.

Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series One #1 - YouTube
Opening Prize Pack Play Pokemon TCG - YouTube


Umbreon VMAX confirmed. I believe all 8 Eeveelutions have a V and VMAX in series 1


Yeah, that’s what i guessed, the full holo would have been nice but still kinda satisfied i don’t have to deal with this set and all the mess it is at least atm :sweat_smile:

Thank you! That is all 16 regular Eeveelution ultra rares confirmed now.

54 V/VMAXs and counting… these packs are insane.

Another pack opening up on YouTube, just one new card spotted - Non-Holo SWSH 034 Cinderace.

Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series One Booster Opening! - YouTube



Wouldn’t it be easier if your list had them in set order? Then you would be able to sort of guess what was missing from the blanks between numbers.

All of the cards use their original set numbers as they are reprints - unfortunately there is no easy way to compile or “guess” the rest of the cards

Oh damn, I didn’t notice that. What a weird set this is.