Kouki Saitou signing at Baltimore Regionals

@alecpokemon dropped some big news today that Kouki Saitou will be at Baltimore Maryland Regional Championships on Sept 16th to the 18th. Who’s going? What are you bringing to get signed?

Here’s mine:


Making my plans to come as we speak! So excited! I’m hoping to get a few cards signed but this one is a definite





Time to get those Crystal Zards, and Trainer Mag Dragonite family promos signed


This is awesome!

If anyone is willing to get some cards signed for those that cannot attend, please let me know, would love to get a few of mine signed (can pay for all the necessary fees of course).

I would also be interested in if anyone is able to get extra cards signed thank you. Really cool chance for those that can attend.

One of my favorites I hope plenty of people get cards signed. I’ll also jump on the wagon of if anyone is willing I would really appreciate getting one of mine signed, but after everyone whos already commented the same of course :slightly_smiling_face:

The deed has been done; I am ready for you, Saitou :face_in_clouds:


If anyone is willing to get a Flareon #5 Reverse Foil Delta Species and Vaporeon #18 Reverse Foil Delta Species signed by Kouki Saitou for me, I would be immensely grateful. :face_holding_back_tears: :sob:

Of course, all fees/shipping/etc. would be covered by me.



Question: I’ve never gotten any Pokemon cards signed before, and Kouki Saitou has drawn 3 of my favorite cards of all time. I would love to get copies signed, but don’t think I want the ones from my childhood collection signed. Should I be looking to pick up mint copies, or because of the signature LP would be fine? I would prefer just paying LP prices because I don’t have any intention of getting these graded, just have never really given any thoughts to signatures until recently.


Like all personal collection items it comes down to your own preference. I prefer the best condition possible for cards to get signed, simply because you can almost always get another mint copy of the card but the signature is going to be stuck on that card forever so choose wisely. I have a couple cards that were signed that are probably LP - Excellent condition that I wish I had paid up a little more to have the signature on a better condition card. But ultimately the signature is the most important part of the card once it’s signed, in my opinion.


I was thinking because of the signature I’d go for LPs with clean fronts, but wouldn’t mind whitening on the back because why would I ever look at the back when the signature is the focal point. Still very torn though.

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I’m also looking for a mm to get a couple cards signed if anyone is offering that service!

See everyone in line :sunglasses:


PSA: Bring water and deodorant pls


Better yet… drink water and apply deodorant pls :laughing:


Maybe even get a strip of grass and touching it :flushed:

I’ll be recording an episode of my podcast in line. Get ready.

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Exciting! I’m definitely planning to be there. I’d love to help others get some signed, though this would be my first card signing. Is there usually a limit or fee? Not that I can tell but I could be wrong! :o

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