Japanese Gold Star Espeon/Umbreon Play Promo

What would the price range be on these two, still in the original plastic? I don’t know when either of these were last sold still sealed.

I heard of a raw Umbreon (I believe it was visibly not mint) selling for $20k+. These cards are incredibly rare.

I wonder where that would put a sealed copy’s price at…?

Sealed, raw, PSA 10, I’d imagine the pricepoint would be almost the same for any of those given the card is mint. These cards are so rare, the value comes from merely the opportunity to acquire a copy. I don’t think the details about the type of plastic it is in is very relevant to the final price


In the unlikely event that all types appear on the market, this is what the prices would roughly look like.

PSA 10 > sealed mint > PSA 9 > unsealed mint


Does anyone know how many copies were distributed? I see the pop report is under 40 for each.

Its not about the price, the money is the easy part. Finding one that is for sell is the challenge. If you do, you will have probably mere seconds to make the choice of pressing Buy It Now as soon as it is listed

I understand, makes sense. Now to see when they all appear on the market… :sweat_smile:

One of the latest sightings for sealed Espeon is ebay auction from this summer, ending price was in range of 9000 euros but I’m unable to view it anymore. Don’t even remember seller id anymore so I could check possible feedback for it.

We’ll make even trade and call it a day. :blush:


@nauticads that is one of the most beautiful cert numbers I’ve ever seen


You almost never see either of these cards sell. Especially the Umbreon (Which is much rarer than even the Espeon).

Supreme rarity + Eeveelutions = $$$

To be clear, they don’t sell nearly often enough to have an established price. It’s whatever the buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to sell for.

I would also expect much higher prices for these cards than they have sold for in the past given the recent rise we’re starting to trophy cards.

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That’s really helpful. Appreciate it!

Iv recently acquired the Espeon, I have fairly good insight on the prices of these cards and track the sales points through private sellers. However like everyone is saying they are extremely rare and with cards of the this scarcity you can’t simply pick and choose if you want a PSA 9 PSA 10 or sealed etc it’s more about just getting one period. With that said the Espeon at the highest condition now should expect $20k if not more, sealed is very tricky because more times then not the card has a small indent or line and it’s and automatic PSA 7. The market has gone up so much and these cards aren’t even close to valued as they should be. Umbreon has 13 less copies on the market then Espeon so yes umbreon is valued above Espeon Probably hitting close to $30k now, what most people don’t see either is how rare the flareon is on is and how low the pop is for that card. That card has really started growing in value as people understand. Here’s my unboxing video/card talk I did with palletownpokemontcg on IG if you’d like to check it out. IG: Crystal_pokemon_TCG


That auction was actually ended early and didn’t complete, the seller was a drop shipper and had all of them posted. The cards had already been sold and he had to remove the listings

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Thanks for the update if that was really final outcome with the japanese auction listing. It’s a shame and blessing at same time when cards like PLAY Espeon/Umbreon exchange owners so unfrequently.

@crystalcollector149 , For sure Flareon is underappreciated. I believe Espeon was given at 40k points (rather than the 50k PSA labels it as) Flareon was ‘only’ 10k less. Though Flareon was available in WCP, I would have thought most people would prefer the Play Promos.

I agree! They are very far and few in between, really the only sales I know of are private sales, is the 10 you posted the photo of yours?

Great evaluation there, you are correct, the espeon was given out at 40,000 points, if you watch the video I posted I show a flyer which gives the level and point break down of each card. The umbreon was really 70,000 points and considered level 10, however in my opinion I feel very few made it past jolteon (and jolteon itself is still scarce.) After jolteon it appears to be more of an “expert level tier” with the start of level 7 being the 30,000 point Flareon, flareon is now starting to be appreciated and reaching the 5 figure price point, I personally hardly ever see this card available on the Japanese market I agree I feel it was undervalued due to the WCP reprint however I feel since the hobby is so established now we can truly appreciate releases of cards and value separately no matter how similar the art work is/stamps/set (even though WCP has a much different holo pattern.) I also feel that the majority of the people that got to level 7 have also achieved level 10 to get to the espeon/umbreon. It definitely appears that most people that have the espeon also have the umbreon, and the pop report doesn’t differ all that much on the two

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@crystalcollector149Yes it is, bought it from ebirdman in 2014 and still one of the biggest additions to collection overall. :blush: