Umbreon Star Value PSA 10

Hey guys,

Just had an inquiry I was hoping Gold Star enthusiasts would be able to help me with. A while back I had to sell one of my favorite cards ever PSA 10 Umbreon star, and haven’t been able to get a hold of one since. Was wondering what price range they are valued at? I know that Ebay ranges them from 575-750, just wondering if thats accurate. I know they fluctate quite abit, and someone offered me one for 750 but I found that abit much. Supply is quite low however so I guess sellers seek out prices they want. Looking to save for another is why :]



But seriously. A ton of money.


I was told my espeon star PSA 10 was valued at around $2k (I think that’s a bit high, but I don’t want to lower the value) so I’d guess the umbreon would be valued at around $800-$1k, but I’m no expert. I would definitely contact hisoka since he’s had a few of each.

I sold my espeon for over 2k. A friend sold his espeon and umbreon for around 2500 to 2700.

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I sold my PSA 10 Umbreon Gold Star for $700.


I sold my 3 PSA 10 Umbreon’s for $500-$700 I think early 2014. I then proceeded to sell my 2? PSA 9 Espeons, my PSA 9 Umbreon, and my PSA 8 Espeon for a good chunk less. I think I actually graded more than that…idk it was a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked the other week and I REALLY wish I had held on to all those cards. I’d be able to buy myself a nice car nowadays hahaha

Back in the day, Umbreons were running $70-$80 and Espeons were floating around $90. Man, what changed?

PSA 9 Umbreons are still around the same price as they used to be, but it seems like the PSA 10 supply has kinda dried up so I’d wager one would sell right now for $800-$900.

A PSA 10 Espeon is gonna be up there in pricing. I don’t know why, but Espeons are first of all harder to pull, and they also end up damaged easier (sources: the 200+ packs I opened, what I’ve seen up for sale, and on the POP report). I’m not gonna drop a $2k price tag just because that seems somewhat absurd, but hisoka has sales history that high, so I guess it is reasonable to expect somewhere around that price.

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With regards to pop 5 packs roughly one in how many would you say has either star in it?

Pull ratios for pop5 stars are around 1 in 40 packs.

Yeah I know im quite upset with myself as well, had to sell mine too :confused: Hopefully one day il be able to scoop up another

My rates at first were exactly 1 in 40, but I think I ended around 1 in 35-37.

The weird thing for me was that 1 equaled 1 of each per 40 when I started. It was beautiful. I would pull an Umbreon then a few packs later pull an Espeon. Then I started just pulling an Umbreon or 2 per 40-45 packs.