Umbreon Star PSA Value


I recently pulled an Umbreon Star and it is in Mint condition, so I figured I’d get it graded. I would like to know what an appropriate value would be for a PSA 9 and PSA 10 Umbreon Star and how many of each are in existence.

Thanks :grin:

How much does the grading cost?
It doesn’t really add a lot of value so unless it’s cheap I wouldn’t do it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t help you on prices though.

I’m not familiar with the particular card so I can’t help with prices but I’d probably go out and say that if it were to grade a 9 or especially a 10 then the price would increase considerably.

10- $180ish 9- probably $100

^ sounds about right. Although I think a 9 might be a little more as ungraded ones can even go for that amount.

Well on Ebay right now, there are a few up at auction starting $50-$65 with no bids, and the most recently sold ones I believe were under $60, so I really want, almost need, it graded if I want to sell for anything notable.
The grading cost is nothing to me because my father has been working with PSA for years so he gets huge discounts when he sends stuff in.

$100-$180? Awesome, thanks guys :grin:

Oh, that’s pretty cool!
I just hope for you that you were REALLY careful with the card and that you’ll take great care getting it to where it’s graded.
A 10 can be hard to get and cards get damaged easily.
Nice profit if you get 2x 10. :wink:

Yeah, being careful with the card now that I pulled it is no problem. What sucks is cards don’t always come out Gem Mint, so the card has a white speck on the upper corner, so I’m expecting a 9. But PSA has recently started doing .5’s, so it could possibly get a 9.5.

Yeah, they can bounce around in the booster pack and of course the factory doesn’t always produce them perfectly.

Since when has PSA done .5s?

I’ve never seen PSA .5’s either.
I do have some Beckett .5’s.
If they’ve started doing .5, that’s pretty smart in my opinion, especially around the 6-7 area there can be huge differences.

For a while :confused:

It also makes a huge difference from 9 to 9.5 to 10

PSA has had .5’s for quite some time but they don’t offer a 9.5. They said it would be ridiculous to offer a 3rd mint grade.