How much is Gold Star Japanese Espeon&Umbreon Ungraded Mint?

Hi guys looking for and wondering what is the price for Player Japanese Espeon & Umbreon Ungraded Mint condtions bruzz… Prices for both separately would be nice. =)


Sales records for these cards are very hard to find. There have been many scams recently as well. @soulwind could probably help you out with more specific prices, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see these reach into $1000-1500 each $2000+ for mint/gem condition copies.


Hmm Someone told me there highest offer was 3800AUD on sealed Espeon and I was in shock. 1000USD sounds awesome to me. I always Over pay for stuff, but I get Gem Mint 10’s mostly so meh. It would be good to not overpay this time round.

I’m fairly certain Espeon has reached the $1500-$2000 range recently for sealed/raw mint. Not sure about Umbreon as the sales history is difficult to find, but it will be more than what the espeon fetches.


Espeon ~$1500
Umbreon $2500

I can definitely see Umbreon hitting over 3k if mint/sealed though.


1500usd to 3,000 if sealed is crazy balls. I give up. or I have to get a MInty fresh non sealidge… Ooops wwait you said Umbreon sealed… How much is Espeon Sealed mint fresh? AUD… Or better yet what would you pay @garyis2000 and @smpratte and @japanime and @soulwind or @m786ali

Highest sale for sealed Espeon promo is $1700 at ebay, pretty much the maximum you can expect for it. PSA 10 copies tend to go over $2000, I know too this year set of PSA 10 Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon/Espeon reached ~$3000 privately.

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Thanks man, helps a bunch. I thought it would be worth atleast 4,000 in psa 10 though, I guess the listings up on ebay are gonna sit there untill moronic economists stop defending burning coal till the end of days. I was actually hoping to get one and grade it then trade for a charizard, but if there worth only 300US more than ungraded then theres no point, that seems crazy low for such a Expensive card.

This is crazy then -

Then I might be better off getting one of those english gold star ungraded because that shit sells for 300, but Im not sure how much its worth. Here is one that’s listed and what is your opinion on price for the english PSA 10? -

I’m a bit afraid answering to that question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Iirc some of the first PSA 10 Pop 5 Espeons ended around $2000, now the overall pop is much higher and prices have come down quite a lot. $1000 to $1500 should be fair estimate depending where you purchase it.

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Fair enough man I was getting my figerlatrons from ebay so I was hoping to get a good proffs just like the sellers up there selling now, but I suppose the English one is the better investment if I could find one gem mint, but I doubt it because english so freaking annoying to get 10’s. To think that some dude is going to pay 3800 and something AUD for a sealed espeon gold star, so I suppose the seller listing that espeon JP gold PSA 10 could sell it if he lowered it a bit, and he’d still make a fair bit.

Well this has been helpful. Many thanks. =)

That sealed espeon was mine at some point it sold to a collector in Hawaii his mostly on IG not sure if he made an account here yet. And the Vap/Fla/Jol/Espeon sale iirc went to a collector in US but tbh I dont remeber what I sold them for as it was 7 months ago.

You can expect the umbreon to hit $3k easily at the moment which is crazy considering what else you could buy for that amount in trophy card terms. Its just because these havent been appearing often enough and the ones that did turned out to be scams on YJ which was a real shame.


Thanks all.

Yeah I was thinking it was much cheaper ungraded when I went into asking these questions. I don’t think ill be able to go for it now.

PSA graded or sealed the card is worth roughly the same (i.e. $1500-2200).

Like @m786ali advised, the Umbreon is almost double in value because it has not seen the market much this past year. There have been multiple sales for the set in the past few years. Typically ranging in the $3000-3400 range.

Hope my thoughts help. :blush:

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These two cards man… so expensive and so rare, yet I choose to try and collect the PLAY! Promos anyway haha.

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One of the major things that annoys me about Pokemon card collecting, and a lot of hobbies in general I suppose…that rarity is of no consequence if you have money.


Money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys you a better opportunity to be happy with your life.

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As a serious collector looking on, it is for sure inherently frustrating. I started out very low resource, and eventually moved up over the years. Perhaps not having social media alleviated that pressure of wanting more expensive items. However, even to this day, there is always something that if you just had more capital, you could buy instantly.

There are plenty of guys that have the funds, but if the desire or actual connection isn’t there, you will see them flipping the cards in a few months-year. If it makes you feel any better, not everyone with perceived deep pockets has a deep connection. :blush:

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Thanks man.