Raw Player's Umbreon/Espeon Gold Stars

How much do raw versions of the Player’s Umbreon/Espeon gold stars go for? Very few of them have been sold on eBay recently (one espeon went in a lot for $2k along with a few other gold stars) but I haven’t seen any Umbreons anywhere. Does anyone also know how many of exist (raw and graded)?

I’m also curious to know the value of a raw Flareon Gold Star Player’s promo and the Daisuki Umbreon and Espeon Primes (All I can ever find are graded copies).

Thanks in advance!

Hmm that’s useful information, thanks.

Alright thanks. Do you have any idea how many of each were printed?

Yeah I agree with that. I’ve been searching for ages and only very rarely do new copies get listed. There’s a few people with ungraded copies on Youtube but they’re essentially all unwilling to sell theirs.

Ah okay so they’re all accounted for. Thanks for the information. Does anybody have any idea on the cost of the raw player promos I mentioned in the original post?

Are you sure Ed has 2? Rachel has a PSA 10 copy of the Daisuki umbreon - - YouTube

As for the price for the PLAY promos here’s what I expect they should fetch in ungraded mint condition (the higher end price will be for sealed copies) -

Flareon - $200-$350
Espeon - $600 - $1000
Umbreon - $1250+

The umbreon rarely appears for sale without the other cards so its hard to price it on its own. I know people who would pay $2000+ for the umbreon in sealed condition. You would need to find a private collector to buy these as if they are at auction you can expect alot of people to be bidding for them.

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Well that’s what iv been offered if I find one them paying after I get it is another story. I personally would pay $1200-1500 for one easily.

I know of a PLAY set in the UK im trying to get the guy to sell it hopefully il wear him down sooner or later.