Gold Star Espeon

Obviously at some stage or another that beauty will need to make it into my espeon collection, but how much should I be expecting to buy it for ??

I can’t afford the graded ones at this point in time

The last few that sold on eBay (ungraded) sold for $400-500 as stated above. :blush:

English one = less than $100

Not in gem mint. Prices are really solid on Espeon and Umbreon. $80-$110 is a perfectly fair range to pay for English Espeon* right now.

thank you for all of your replies, helped alot

The Play Promo Espeon and Umbreon are soooooo overpriced for their rarity…

I’ve noticed, problem is, it has to be included in my collection, haha, one things for sure I’ll defo be getting it graded when I do buy it…

Last year i personally seen a sealed players espeon gold star sell on ebay for $700. Took the guy a few months to sell it. Now recently i havent seen any pop up on ebay in quite some time. And the graded ones…forget about it. Those are very expensive unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

yea I won’t ever buy a graded one, just will have to wait and hope one comes up haha

Yeah lol but be prepared because its going to be expensive! Even ungraded! :open_mouth:

Lol! The best is canvas plushies imo

I’m prepared but Not so sure if my wallet/bank balance is

I wish I can bank on that.

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It’s true. Eeveelutions sell for a premium