Japanese Espeon and Umbreon Gold Star

Hi everyone! First post on E4 and I hope i am not creating this thread in the wrong section!

I kinda just got back to collecting pokemon tcg about 2 years ago and somehow it led to me collecting japanese gold star cards. Am still in the midst of getting some of the cards but I am seriously considering getting the Espeon and Umbreon. I have been checking ebay for awhile now and - as expected - they are at a premium price and I am seriously wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get at least the Espeon since I will likely do so eventually.

Reason I posted this is because there is a new listing on ebay with an ungraded Espeon at around 1.7k now. There seems to be a small defect on one corner but otherwise seems pretty alright. I’m likely sending the card for grading once i get it so I am torn between getting this or a more expensive graded one. Do you guys think its worth it?

Live life with no regrets. If you can justify spending that kind of money on a card, do it. If that defect will bother you for life, get the one that brings you the most happiness. We can’t make a collecting decision on what will bring you the most joy.

The umbreon and espeon are definitely rare, so it’s up to you to let this pass or snatch it up :wink:

Best of luck with your decision!

it is highly likely that the seller is selling this copy ungraded because of the defect, and he is pretty sure this card won’t receive a 10.

the question is, would you settle for a 9? honestly I would be aiming at buying a 10, it has more collectible value and you won’t be gambling your money!

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I agree with @robbiegrass , these items are certainly something you want as a 10. Try contacting ebay user ebirdman first, he got one listed for $4395 but ~$2500 should be enough right now ( especially when another sold lately for 2200 euros ).

Tried to ask birdman to price match or even near it and he said no.

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Thanks so much guys @pokemontrader @robbiegrass @nauticads :’) !! will definitely give it a serious thought before i click on the ‘buy it now’ button!

@ccharizardd oh man was hoping perhaps i can give it a try :slightly_frowning_face: