HOW many new products for the 2020 Holiday set??

TC have put preorders up for the ‘SWSH 3.5’ (presumably the unannounced holiday 2020 set). Card-containing products seem to be as follows;

  • Super Premium Collection
  • Elite Trainer Box
  • Premium Collection
  • September ‘V’ Box
  • October ‘V’ Box
  • ‘Special’ Pin Box A
  • ‘Special’ Pin Box B
  • ‘Special’ Pin Box C
  • 'Regular Pin Box A
  • 'Regular Pin Box B
  • 'Regular Pin Box C

I just see a cow’s udder with 11 teets on it all waiting to be milked by the Pokemon Company. (No idea where the hell that analogy came from, just popped into my head so thought I’d use it :rofl: ). That’s a bunch of super premium and ETB’s pre-ordered, but I’m gonna hang-fire on the other stuff until more details get released. Anyone have any further info on set contents? AFAIK up to this point only rumours of the Tag All Stars gold cards and the new ‘Amazing Rares’, but nothing confirmed.

23/07 EDIT:

From Total Cards:

"The Elite Trainer Box holds the usual for a mini set - 10 booster packs and the usual accessories and most importantly, one promo card. The promo card is a Gigantamax Charizard!!! Everyone loves a Charizard and to get a promo is amazing news for all Pokemon fans!! The box art is also of the badass Charziard in a beautiful black and gold design! I don’t know about you, but how can you not love that??

Next up we’ve got the Champion’s Path pin collections! We’ve got three different designs for the Pin Collection releasing on September 25th and we have three different designs of the Special Pin Collection on November 13th! Each design will be themed around a different gym from the Galar Region! These include - Milo’s Turffield Gym, Nessa’s Hulbury Gym, and Kabu’s Motostoke Gym for the Pin Collection and Opal’s Ballonlea Gym, Piers’ Spikemuth Gym, and Raihan’s Hammerlocke Gym will be staring on the Special Pin Collections!

We hope you’re all okay and haven’t fell over from the excitement because we’ve still got even more news!

The two V boxes that we previously revealed for this set have been announced. The September V Box is now the Champion’s Path Collection—Dubwool V that will release on September 25th and the October V Box is the Champion’s Path Collection—Hatterene V which will release on October 23rd! The boxes will include the usual goodies you’ll find in a V Box, 4 booster packs, one Promo and one oversized promo too! The only difference is every booster pack will be Champion’s Path! So no XY packs to disappoint you this time!

Finally, the Special Collection has been revealed as the Champion’s Path Marnie Special Collection!! This one seems pretty similar to the Hidden Fates - Ultra Premium Collection but without the cool card stand. So you will get 8 Champion’s Path booster packs, two Pokemon V promo cards (Hopefully a cool Morpeko!), two collector pins and a playmat too! It seems like Team Yell have been allowed to make something for their Queen this time!

Hope you’ve got your breath your back now. We have so many incredible products ahead with this incredible looking set that will include 11 Pokemon V, 4 full art Pokemon V and 3 Pokemon VMAX too!"


I haven;t opened new product so maybe I’m biased. It looks interesting.
what does 3.5 mean?

I think it’s just Total Cards’ way of calling it Sword and Shield set 3-and-a-half (if s&s base is 1, rebel clash 2 and darkness ablaze being 3). If ‘3.5’ turns out to be garbage I’ll be cancelling these preorders lol

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Hidden fates was 11.5…did it have cards from xy sets?

sorry for the wallets of all you modern collectors :grin:

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More info just dropped :blush:


Thanks for sharing!

That ETB is gonna sell like hot cakes.

I like the packaging of the three-pack pin boxes and the fact they’re going with a gym theme for the pins.

I also think the set logo is awesome.


Where do you go to pre-order these? I like the ETB but have never pre-ordered anything new.

The gold and black is gorgeous… thinking about preordering one myself LOL


I wonder if the ETB will have a charizard Vmax promo like the Birds or Shining Ho-Oh?
That would sell like hotcakes

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Chances are it will since the box art reflects the promo for the past 2 releases. My bet is this set will have the Amazing Rares since both holiday sets, we were introduced a new rarity.

agreed! i just pre-ordered one myself as i remember Hidden Fates ETB’s being tough to find locally in stores for me last year.

I read its a Charizard V card thats included rather than VMAX

So it’s possible it will be this one

Who’s taking bets on amazing rare Charizard and Pikachu?

I created a product release guide for autumn 2020, you might wanna check it out:

Includes links to the original article.

Also about today’s news, more info:


Nessa’s Hullbury Gym Collection? Does this mean we finally get a Nessa TCG card? Please let it be true

I got mine from TotalCards

Your regular tcg shop will probably list it soon if they are doing pre-orders

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More images added fresh from the distributor. Check it out again.


Confirmed to be full art V. Not vmax!


Do you mind letting me know where you pre-order them from?