“Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box” looks AMAZING


Japan doing Japan things with another stunning collectible product, set to release in November (my guess is alongside the “VSTAR Universe” set).

“Preorders will begin in May on Japan’s Pokemon Center website. It’ll retail for 17,600 yen, or about $135.”


here’s the reveal video for anyone who wants to watch it



About the display : “It appears to made of thick acrylic and the cards are protected inside a special inner case which take sleeved cards, unlike the Pokemon Card Game Display Frames from the Pokemon Center Japan which only take unsleeved cards.”

That’s very nice! At a minimum it shows product iteration towards an improved product!


Definitely will look into picking up a few copies of the promo, feels like a beautiful representative art for this era, with some of the key TCG Pokémon represented. The holo having texture on this otherwise more CHR-esque card makes it even better for me. I am hoping they produce a good amount of these. The other components of the box are nice, but really I’m only here for the card.

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yeah, but at the same time, i would love the binder to use for the vstar universe set (assuming it is a similar “best of” set like vmax climax) definitely hope its not too hard to preorder.

and yeah, as a huge fan of this generation across the TCG and VGC, the promo is a must have

*edit*, i will say, it does not look like the card has texture in the video, but the picture makes it look like it does, so idk


Made to order I’m glad to hear, will def get a pre-order in.

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I’m mostly concerned with shipping costs, adding a few pounds and unnecesary size to a package will make shipping go through the roof. It’s not like I don’t want them, I just don’t want them to inflate shipping.

I do believe there is subtle texture, check at 5:00 next to Inteleon or around the 7-minute mark when she handles the card. The threads and flames look like different holo to me. Could be mistaken, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went all out on this one.

ah yeah looks like maybe the lightening stuff has some texture/foil variation to it which would be a nice subtle touch to really enhance the card

The promo card looks dope.

Does anyone know what the best (cheapest) way of ordering these to Europe is?

Customs can be a bitch…

Is there a good way to Preorder something from Pokemon Center Japan from the US?

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According to Pokeguardian it’s made to order, but once they reach a set number they will close pre-orders but then maybe open them again? How is that made to order? Or is it just a bad translation? Feel like this is just going to be PITA to get at normal price.

my understanding is they have a window of potential orders, but if demand exceeds that window, they will produce more which will cause delays.

in other words, the november date is based on a certain number of demand.

it could be that they do something similar to the gold box from the 25th anniversary where they open a second unlimited preorder that has a fulfilment many months later (i.e., summer 2023)

there is a small chance it will be available to order through amazonjp like the gold box was, but more likely, you will need a proxy

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Looks great. Someone in discord mentioned that this would have been a perfect opportunity to include the Galar Friends Full Art instead of Vmax Climax like The Master Battle Set Release. Similar to battle festa pikachu promos too. I wonder if there will be a lottery. Exciting release indeed…me want.

I’m guessing there is no chance for an English version of this collector box?

for the box? likely not. for the promo, it is possible

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Wow. I will definitely be picking up at least one of these. Stunning! Japan truly does get the best promos.

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These promos have historically never been released in English. It’s possible, but highly, highly unlikely.