FedEx Shipping - Possible Lost PWCC Vault Shipment

Hey all,

Came down to once FedEx cut the check for the claim - my rights to the contents of the package are omitted. I obviously disagree since it was never cashed. Another slap in the face throughout this entire process. Almost wish I never noticed them on his store.

Life goes on.


Fedex is complete trash. I avoid it whenever possible. They misdelivered one of my packages ($5700 value) and didn’t do shit about it. I was lucky that the recipient went out of their way to deliver it to me. Sorry to hear this, mewtuw.


You’re making a whole lot of assumptions here about a guy you don’t even know. I do agree that Dan’s whole story was a little suspicious (I even mentioned it earlier in the thread), but nothing has been “proven” and he certainly isn’t paying off FedEx employees. More than likely, he is just as confused as the OP.

More and more I’m starting to realize that people don’t understand what libel is.


Did an attorney tell you this or did a FedEx rep tell you this? If the latter, disregard the conclusion and talk to an attorney. If the former, I’m sorry to hear about this development :frowning: .



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