Sending High value items to PWCC for Auction

Hey all,

I’m going to submit some cards for the PWCC auction and feel a little bit worried about sending high value cards since I haven’t really ever sold anything above 5 figures. Just looking for any advice or recommendations to make me feel more confident in the whole process.


Share your reservations with PWCC. They have paid staff who are highly responsive to any question you may have. Many people use their services with success. I have confidence in their ability to seamlessly sell and pay out quickly.

The PWCC megathread is a great resource to see dialogue over time.

Good luck!


If you want more peace of mind, you can inform them of the conservative market value of your cards and request to purchase an insured shipping label from PWCC. It will be FedEx overnight label. FedEx does not insure in this case though ; you are paying basically for PWCC’s self - insurance to cover your cards in transit.


Make your account and then use the in-browser chat during opening hours to ask for any advice they can provide, or drop them an email. You could even fill out your submission in advance so they can see what you’re sending in - just leave the tracking info blank. As gemmintpokemon says, they will be friendly and helpful.

Open a free vault account. Send the packages overnight mail to your vault. After they are digitized you can choose to list them or send to auction. You can even insure your packages with collectinsure if you wanted to go another step. After the item is sold they will pay you within 2 weeks after delivery if the purchase was from the vault marketplace. If from an auction you will get paid on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (usually depending on the calendar). You can get an ach deposit or a check

Thanks everyone, it was all really helpful! Thread can be closed.


Can you do this for their vault too?

Yes. I just learned this last week after emailing back and forth. I’m in the process of estimating the value of what I want to send to the vault. Then they will email me an insured label that I can pay for and use, Fedex overnight and can be insured for as much as you need it for.

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Oh man that is huge! Ive been debating sending a card for them to sell, but the whole insurance thing was putting me off. I would much rather use their personal insurance to cover it!

Thank you!

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I’ll throw my hat in the ring, and mention that I recently sent a handful of cards to the Vault for the first time (last week). Jesse, the staff member I worked with was extremely helpful with getting me an insured shipping label, scheduling a pick-up from Fedex, and having the support team confirm when they received my cards. These were some of the most valuable cards in my collection, so it was a scary experience for sure. They have all been added to my Vault Portfolio already (with pictures) and are in the process of being appraised and finalized. So far, it’s been a pretty smooth experience.


I wonder if they do something similar for international

Thanks! Thats really good to hear. I actually just shot them an email, probably wont hear back until the work week starts back up.

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I asked before, they only provide the pre-paid labels for US only.

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Does anyone know how PWCC and taxes work? What’s the threshold and what’s the process does PWCC send you the tax docs?

PWCC does not send you 1099s. You are on your own as far as tax reporting is concerned.

Honestly, the best thing you can do is talk to the staff. I have always found them helpful and quick to respond in answering even what was probably really stupid questions. They are used to dealing with collectors who are very emotionally attached to their items so want hand holding through the process a bit more than other businesses lol.

Awesome topic! Im not sending anything to them just yet, but its good to be prepared for the future.

Is there any concern with PWCC drastically under-insuring Vault items? On the one hand, the fees are less expensive this way, but I assume that also affects the coverage if anything were to happen. I’m new to the Vault, but noticed they appraised my cards at about 1/12 of their current market value, from their own recent auctions even.

Just change the value yourself using the “Edit Purchase Price” button.

I didn’t know that was an option. I just sent these in last week and they are still being curated, but I’ll look into that. Do users typically have the ability to adjust the insured value to whatever they want? Is there a minimum? Just curious.