FedEx Shipping - Possible Lost PWCC Vault Shipment


I ended up sending nearly all of my collection to PWCC’s Vault. Originally, I was going to have them invoice me a label so it’d be fully insured but I got impatient because they were dragging their feet & shipped myself w/ zero insurance. Not my smartest decision.

Well, I overnighted it Tuesday & it is still sitting in a warehouse in Memphis for whatever reason & I’m beginning to get nervous. I typically ship USPS but i had heard FedEx overnight was the better option. I’ve called & they’re currently trying to figure out why it hasn’t moved in over a day.

Has this happened to anyone else before?

Link to contents of package (including certification numbers):

Please let me know if you see these for sale anywhere. I appreciate anyone’s help w/ this matter.

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Memphis is notoriously slow at times and can be unpredictable. It’s their main hub in the US, in fact their largest in the world. It gets busy.

It will likely move soon. They take overnight pretty seriously, so I’d guess their search will turn it up and get it moving.


I agree with Teraz. If you don’t see any movement by Monday mid day double check but like Teraz said, Fedex takes overnight seriously.

Let us know what happens. I have heard plenty of stories of packages stopping for no discernible reason mid-chain with FedEx and still arriving safely once customer services got it moving again.

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Thanks! That makes me feel better. I typically don’t sweat tracking being a little late but obviously the dollar amount makes me look at this nonstop.

Called this morning & yesterday… Still no updates on what exactly is taking so long or on the whereabouts of my package. The package has been sitting at the Memphis hub since Thursday evening. I’ve never had an overnight shipment this delayed… unbelievable.

Ugh, I 100% sympathize. While it doesn’t help much for this exact situation, I’ve noticed Fedex has become insanely unreliable for me, and I’ve tried to shy away from it as much as I can. The only situation it’s done well is international priority from Japan, and that’s because it skips Memphis completely.

Unfortunately Memphis has been backed up since basically the beginning of covid. Chances are, your package is just sitting under a pile of other packages, and it’ll get moving soon.

@kcalv - I hope so man. This is really starting to stress me out bad. I don’t even want to look on eBay at cards anymore because I have a feeling my personal collection may be lost / stolen. Just can’t believe an overnight shipment is THIS delayed. Unreal.

Sorry to hear nothing’s changed. I do see plenty of people complaining about FedEx being particularly slow right now, packages being at depots for days etc. I really hope they get it moving soon for you, I feel the frustration. Have you tried DMing their customer services on Twitter? Just a roll of the dice, sometimes you have to speak to multiple CS guys until you get someone helpful.

@greenshoots - I have not tried that as I don’t have a Twitter at this point. I’m going to call again later this afternoon & see if I can speak to someone more helpful. Everyone I’ve spoke to thus far seems to just give me the typical lingo.

My buddy ordered some stuff & FedEx is handling his shipment as well… His has been stuck in Memphis for over a week, granted it wasn’t an overnight shipment like mine.

Still radio silence… Cannot believe that I shipped this w/ no insurance. But, didn’t think FedEx was this unreliable for Express Overnight.

For those of you that are curious - I have attached a link in my original post to a Google Doc showing what was in that package & why I’m so nervous about this. All cards were holo (legendary collection was reverse holo). Three years of work could potentially be down the drain.

I’m trying not to be too doom & gloom but it’s hard not be pessimistic.

Sorry mods if I’m bumping my own thread too much but looking for any advice.

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sorry to hear this man! Ive always had better luck with fedex than usps so I still think you did the right thing, luckily even without insurance they’re responsible for finding your package and since there is no reason to think it is damaged you should be ok

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I appreciate the updates because at this point I am invested in your story. Hoping for a positive outcome.


@wisewailmer - I know they’re still technically liable but it just isn’t looking great. The package was supposed to be delivered last Thursday. If it’s lost, they’ll simply refund me the shipping costs… Nothing else. There is easily $250,000 in cards within that package. This will be a monumental loss & so defeating. Guess I only have myself to blame.

@stagecoach - Appreciate it. I’m really not trying to have a pity party for myself, this is truly awful & so stressful.

I know you are in nightmare mode but wait and see. Many of us had packages trapped in various distribution centers for weeks at a time, even months, during covid. This is obviously extraordinarily stressful, but it is still early enough that things may resolve themselves on their own. I know it is especially unusual due to it having been an overnight package but things could still turn out fine.

However, I know nothing except the package moving is going to assuage your fears. So hopefully there is movement soon.


Hope they find your package. If you ever decide to send another package 100% use their label. It will be cheaper than you can get one for and it will be fully insured. I know that doesn’t help in this situation but for anyone else reading this that is the way to go every single time.

I’ve heard so many people using overnight services uninsured as if they are infallible, but the risk is too high for my appetite to be the one bearing that risk at this level. I have used it internationally for crypto sales though and I think it does have merit in some circumstances like that where there is something to gain for the party taking the risk.


Have you escalated this when you call? You should go full Karen mode. Ask for the manager’s manager to try to get more info. If the scan shows arrived at the Memphis location they should be able to see in the system exactly who scanned it and what part of the building.

At this point it sounds like you have a claim opened and each time you call you probably speak to a general service number with a rep looking at a computer and not actually at the hub. If this were me I would you escalate until I have someone either at the Memphis hub or who is directly contacting the Memphis hub and can get active assurance that they a making an effort to search.

I would take to social media, write letters etc. with that kind of value or even get to the point where I’d have a lawyer send a formal letter to the Fedex legal department. Companies respond to legalese.

Anything you can do to get their attention to give you at the very least insight as to why it might be delayed and at best actually put effort into searching for the package in the area it was last scanned.

Yeah I’m not sure why I got in such a rush to send this off instead of waiting for PWCC to get to me regarding the label. BIG mistake. Put too much faith into overnight services, I suppose.

@teraz - I have not quite yet. I’ve only spoken to people in their tracing department who “assure” me they’re making every effort to try & find my package. When I call again this afternoon - I’m going to try & speak to someone directly at the hub because this is getting ridiculous. My buddy had a package already go through Memphis & it arrived AFTER my package. His wasn’t even Express, either. Unreal.

I’ve never had any issues Overnighting prior to this but of course it’s THIS package.

I’m really hoping this works out for you. Best of luck man.