Evolving Skies Market Watch

I think you guys are being a little too pessimistic. Im sure there are people who just follow their favourite youtubers but I think theres some overgeneralizations being made here. Aside from the context of modern hype-stonk-investing, these are still very popular Pokemon card sets. I dont think theres any valid reason to assume these sets wont be loved and enjoyed by collectors over time. I dont have a dog in the fight with modern English set speculation, but I would very confidently expect that ES will increase in value over time. Do I think the boxes are gonna moon shot to $3000 in the next 5 years? Probably not. But i wouldnt be surprised if ES boxes were closer to $1000 in 5 years.

P.S. “these sets” referring to the commonly noted popular, highly printed SwSh sets


I would honestly be highly surprised if evolving skies gets to 1000 in 5 years.

For the last 4/5 sets prices are down 30% for every box bought at release. You need an almost 50% gain to just break even.
Etb are down close to 50% for many sets.
We are in different times now, the stonking is over.

Im ready to be wrong on all this so i can make 50usd on my 2 modern boxes😅

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“We are in different times now, the stonking is over.”

I’ve only been on E4 since 2016, and even I’ve seen your exact sentiment of “pokemon is never going to be as popular as it was during X” come and go on this forum twice when popularity was down. (and popularity is potentially only down because of economic factors, not desirability)

Just as housing prices could sky rocket when interest rates drop, I imagine once inflation cools off, people are going to flock right back to pokemon and want their old collections that they ‘had’ to sell.

And if that’s not the case, pretty much anything that happens in real life is a black swan event for people to go back to Pokemon.


I just think the pandemic and many coincidences came together last years creating a storm that probably wont be seen for a very long time, but as i said im ready to be wrong and think there are many fantastic looking modern cards, its just the value that doesnt make sense to me.

The reason it took 12 years for base set to matter is because that’s how long it takes a 7 year old to reach the age where they have disposable income.

You don’t need to wait 12 years for modern product today because a hugely significant part of the market now are people who are 25+ already. This was not a thing in 1999


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  • 1,000 is NOT the actual number of chase cards stolen, just an example to illustrate my point. Actual total number of stolen cards would definitely be higher than that. Note only 1 thief was caught.

  • When numerator is reduced (chase cards stolen and replaced by Vs by thieves) and denominator remains the same (total packs), the pull rate will be greatly affected. Even if numerator reduces by just 10%.

Agreed too. :+1:

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Ignore those noises created by those “pessimists”. They don’t like nor own ES sealed products and its chase cards (as admitted and revealed by them), they’re just deliberately doing it.

This talk about the speed of the market had me curious because I feel like I make out the 1999 Pokemon boom to be a much longer lasting moment than it actually was. It was such an iconic and memorable time, I forget that it actually went by in the blink of an eye.

The time between now and English moonbreon’s release is about 814 days. For comparison, 814 days after Base Set came out was right in between the releases of English Neo Genesis and Discovery. By now the Pokemon boom is already winding down. In a year the YGO TCG will release, and Pokemon will fully become uncool.

Things obviously move way faster now with the speed of information and culture exchange through the internet, but things moved pretty quickly back then too.

Edit: This is unrelated to the topic, but I just realized if you do the same comparison but use the vintage boom of 2020 as the starting point instead, that adds a year, which means the time it took for vintage to go from its all time highs in 2020 to the current “crashed” state where so many people are saying it’s dead and stupid, is roughly the same amount of time for that same thing to happen back in 1999-2002. Funny that.


I feel like you post the same thing on repeat very regularly. Why do you care so much about a part of the market you disdain?

Stop using r/pokeinvesting. Stop listening to stonktubers.

E4 is not either place and that sentiment you surround yourself with does not exist here. And no, one poster does not count.

As I said, this discussion is circular, repetitive and absolutely nothing new is brought up every time it happens. Just the usual suspects declaring their feelings as definitive. What is the point?


He’s showing up in your feed? Me too. Time to clear cookies.

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lol one of his latest posts is very telling : “If i had mountains of cases evolving skies sitting in my basements, i would do everything i could to try to make everyone believe it is the best investment in the world😅”

The opposite could equally be stated, that if you had no ES as you simply watched it climb and climb and climb while your risk aversion prevents you from ever dipping your feet in the water, you would do everything you could to justify why you were so smart for never taking part in the free tendies party.

No, this is not true because if you dont have something theres no need to shill something.

But honestly you guys are right to point me out as most of my arguments doesnt even make too much sense.
It just how my brain works sometimes.

Also feel absolutely free to point me out and spam messages in 5 years how wrong i was😅

He’s just like me fr


Ego and over-rationalizing have driven people to do much crazier things than trash the value of pokemon boxes lol

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