2020 The evolution of evolutions booster box

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First post so be gentle…

I’ve be an on and off collector since childhood and now i’m finally in a place where i can comfortably collect slowly every month

Like most i’m a huge fan of WOTC so obviously when it dropped Evolutions caught my eye. the booster boxes have slowly started to rise to around the 140-150 mark

i’m just wondering what your thoughts are around the potential growth of this set? lets say over the next 5 years

Is it worth some investment in your opinion?



I’m not sure about future growth, but as a fact Evolutions boxes are not rising at all yet. Looking at eBay sold listings they are all around $85-100 which is just where they’ve been since they came out.


Well for some reason in the uk they are on average around the 140 mark unless which is quite common a non pokemon fan comes across a case and sells them all for 100 each must be due to less supply as most big market sellers are selling them at 140 now which was 110 3 months back

Thanks for the reply!

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The UK is a more insular market given the high import/VATS fees generally prices reflect those additional costs. So essentially the UK prices are inline with the US you just have to factor in those lovely import fees


good old import fees…

I see what you mean! good old uk

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As DJGb said, evolutions are still being slipped in newer product and are regarded as the most loved set for modern stuff. There was so much of it printed alost. I think the growth is possible, but it wont be astronomical. Those who would really invest in it at large prices would almost rather spend that money in WOTC product first.

They give packs to spectators at World’s. Last year they ran out of standard packs and, no joke, started giving out XY Evolutions. This set was released in 2016


Maybe if we gather enough people… we can obtain some 1st edition base packs…

Pokémon just wanted Evolutions to be a true Base reprint by printing the same quantity as Base Unlimited!


The Meowth VMAX Collection (released January 3, 2020) contains 1 pack of Evolutions. This would be akin to a BW era product giving packs of EX Power Keepers, or a DP era product giving Skyridge packs.

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Evolutions Boxes go for $84.99… You actually made me double check lol

Ok well thank you all for your input! obviously i need to take into account more than just the uk market which seems to be different to the rest of the world!

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Yeah it’s hard to justify a long term investment in modern product as a sound investment especially when that money would grow at a much higher rate if allocated to WOTC product instead. Another kind of negative add on for evolutions is that there really is no valuable chase card. The staff charizard is expensive, but cannot be pulled from a pack. The most expensive card in the set right now is a Mega Charizard that is only 20$ or less, so there really isn’t much of a chase aspect since the set was printed into oblivion like most modern. So just remember to try to think if your money could be better allocated to a more sound product like WOTC or if you are just looking to invest when a product is “Cheap” and hope it rises like older product has (because that will not be the case).

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For XY look at Phantom Forces and Flashfire. While Evolutions is nostalgic to us, it’s not nostalgic for current kids since they weren’t around for Base Set. That, on top of the fact it’s still being placed in product, will probably keep its value low.

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Do not buy anything in the X and Y era if you want value to go up!! If you like wotc go for some PSA 1st editions or some ungraded 1st editions maybe. For sealed product the newest out there that might be worth buying is maybe Black and White series stuff. The real value is actually anything Power Keepers or earlier as far as sealed product

Flashfire along with a few other xy boxes have doubled or tripled since their retail price.


True I forgot about those rare exceptions I just personally see the most value in any ex boxes with Gold Stars. Or anything E series. Or anything wotc 1st edition. But any of those hold a very high price tag. The main thing to look for is does the box have a high value chase card? That’s your best bang for your buck if you can afford the price tag.